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Chinese tradition is bridal consuetudinary introducing

Chinese tradition is bridal consuetudinary introducing

Bridal, no matter be in at all times and in all over the world, be considered as the great gift in life gift gift. But know a Gu Jin to its big different. The ancients thinks. Familial the continuance with blood relationship, it is to do junior to not allow the important task of shirk, namely alleged “ is disobedient have 3, big ” is after notting have. Accordingly, the ceremony the yin and yang of sex men and women, marriage that produces male offspring is put in a very significant position. Wedding and marital system have close tie, reflected the civilized Jiaohua rate of people from a flank. Each people of the ancestor of the Chinese nation that gives priority to body with the Han nationality and world is same, the level of random marriage, group marriage has been experienced in original period, after entering civilized society take one husband basically one wife marital form.

First bridal form, about only then at primitive society evening. From according to legend only then of Yu Fuxi times be engaged with “ couple skin (didymous deerskin) the ” that it is a ceremony gradually gradual progress, greet in person to the “ when Xia Shang at hall ” , the complete “ that has to Zhou Dai again 6 ceremonies ” , preliminary already the foundation that laid our country traditional wedding. The development of past dynasties is passed again after, make various marriage formal section more hasten overelaborate, enthusiastic.

Bridal large reduction of a fraction is our country tradition the ceremony before marriage, the ceremony after bridal, marriage 3 phase marriage. The ceremony is before plan in marriage, the part of a few appearance that preparative phase place holds.

Accept includes to collect when the Qin Dynasty first, ask name, accept auspicious, accept is asked for, please period 5 kinds (add when wedding greet in person namely so called 6 ceremonies) , offspring evolves gradually again piece urge makeup, send makeup, the instrument division such as shop room.

In archaic feudal society, marriage depends on the character of Shuo of parental life, intermediary, because of all instrument divisions of the ceremony before this marriage, include to reach those who prepare formal wedding occasionally from choose a series of link, monopolize by the parent of parental both sides almost, the party of true marriage is eliminated instead outer.

Compare a woman because of the man's social class again exalted, because this proposes,also be with the man more active. Man parent wants to be son get married get married, ask intermediary to make talk about a marriage to the bride's side first (call make known to lower levels) , if the bride's side accepted this marriage, begin to undertake accept is collected, ask a series of appearance such as the name the red-letter day.
1 Accept is collected Accept collects: It is the first pace that male orientation woman proposes formally.
A day this when undertake accept betrothal gifts in bilateral agreement, the intermediary that the bridegroom's or husband's family expedites makes the hand holds a vivid wild goose in both hands, as gift presented to a senior at one's first visit as a mark of esteem see a gift (serve as ceremony gifting presented to a senior at one's first visit as a mark of esteem with vivid wild goose at first, take wild goose to be migrant namely, qiu Nafei and spring north returns, will go sometimes, from without break one's promise will be abided by as both sides of male and female not of change indicative; Take wild goose to fly again embark on a journey, stop to list, must grow with bright espouse young orderly, cannot the meaning of exceed. Also use the lacquer of kid, Bai E, silk tree, glue) that serves as ceremony gifting presented to a senior at one's first visit as a mark of esteem later, outside coming to gate of the bride's side, the person that discard to the bride's side (assist saluting person) say: Home “ your home is master special great kindness, award is such-and-such (husband name) a wife, such-and-such (husband father or elder brother) the regulation that issues according to ancestral involuntary discharge of urine,

Host of the bride's side gets the gate goes out to receive in person after the bulletin, each other of guest and host is made bow with hands clasped to after letting, the meaning of section of travel accept betrothal gifts comes before intermediary makes be conveyed to goodwife again. Host answers ceremony, receive next vivid wild goose and self-effacing. What intermediary makes see marriage gets woman parent is formal assent, say good-bye go back reported on completion of the task.
2 Urge makeup, send makeup, shop room Urge makeup, send makeup, shop room: Division of these 3 instrument, record did not see in prevenient Qin Wenxian, the offspring in evolving development in wedding comes out.
Urge makeup, it is the bridegroom's or husband's family sends a person to carry a ceremony to urge ask as soon as possible of the bride's side to be a bride the instrument division of buy makeup. Before Song Daiqin is greeted 3 days of the bridegroom's or husband's family send rush the thing such as head of the makeup flower hair worn in a bun or coil, lid that sell gold, beautiful fan to the bride's side,
Send makeup, it is before be being greeted in person several days, person of group of the bride's side will be dotal the appearance part that sends to the bridegroom's or husband's family. Dotal often installing with boxes and baskets, also have a family to show off dowry, will dotal roll out one by one with the square table, the platoon becomes a column, send vast and mightily to the bridegroom's or husband's family. Dotal normally bin, bedding, headgear, dress, silks and satins, the four treasures of the study and bullion household utensils wait, still have what serve as dowry with cropland building, shop, pawnshop. Zhejiang is taken, dotal in those who one kind calls “ descendants bucket ” (there is one big top on tun, to) is used when the bride is borne, the Cheng Yougong in the bucket fruit of egg, happy event, calling “ sends child ” , have beatific idea. Carry on starts one tape, still have send ” of “ daughter wine to regard as dotal, be in namely daughter full moon or after several years old, namely underground of embedded of brew number altar, need the day that the daughter gets married, take out send to the bridegroom's or husband's family as dotal gift.
Spread a house, it is person of group of the bride's side the instrument division to bridal chamber of laid of the bridegroom's or husband's family, mix sometimes send makeup undertake at the same time. Song Dai, before be being greeted in person one day, the bride's side sends a person to reach the containers esp. for use in the house inside other room to screen of credit of bridal chamber laid, bedding, and greenhouse comes before equipment ceremony. Next with the trusted follower woman or from marry female make guard house medium, must not alien is entered, in order to need newlywed person. The person that spread a house must be the “ with blessing birthday complete in both respects, rich family circumstances ” of good life mother-in-law, in order to take lucky. Contemporary some places are popular still this common.
3 Greet in person Greet in person: It is the instrument division that bridegroom kisses to marry a bride toward the bride's side, also be Gu Jin in wedding most the instrument division with grand overelaborate.
Ju " gift gift. Person bridal " account, marry that day towards evening, the bride puts on knot wedding to take —— is to have the pure clothes with shallow lacy red () of filar simple dress, wearing on the head second (the wig that has invented covers) , xiang Na stands in the room, right station wears the body baby-sitter, female attendant of the bride is wrapping around the appearance of white black alternate with, stand at the back. Wearing ceremonial robe or dress when bridegroom, guiding Chinese ink car (bridegroom takes a car) , float (the bride sits a car to set Wei shade) , wait from car, lackey outside greeting close team to come to bridal home gate when, host of the bride's side comes out to receive personally, bow with hands clasped to through let, both sides comes to hall, bridegroom has saluted to farther-in-law (the heaviest kind in ceremony of archaic worship on bended knees, need kowtow to reach the ground a long time) after great gift, the bride goes from the room east rank on in front of her father, father announces drop she: “ will want hour caution, deferential, discretion henceforth, do not violate the apiration of your farther-in-law mother-in-law. ” at the same time, give her a clothes, as the exhibit that announces drop. Then, the bride comes again on the west rank on in front of her mother, the mother is to her between the waist strung a belt, receive on admire towel, announce drop next she: “ diligence, deferential, finish your farther-in-law well the mother-in-law bades your housework. ” subsequently, the bride comes to gate mouth along with the hall below bridegroom, the bride drapes the coat of drive dirt to ascend float, had received driving ribbon from inside bridegroom hand. Then, bridegroom is driving float to go forth, turned in the wheel 3 week hind, bridegroom gives the car drive, oneself take foregone of Chinese ink car, because he arrives even before him door bride of await the arrival of.

Greet in person circulate later ages, wait with boat of car of bridal sedan chair, happy event, colour more marry a bride, knot wedding of the bride takes the phoenix garment phoenix coronet that has Long Fengtu case and enamel for embroider more, lop silk spic with block face, also have with Gong Jin fan of one handkerchief, paper with block face. When bridegroom greets the wife's family in person, bride often howling do not agree to go up litter, bridal relatives and friends should try ability —— to ask bridegroom to compose a poem in public, bridegroom is in on the spot recital after “ urges makeup poem ” , bride square only then rise on litter. Go up before litter, the bride's side makes one woman holds the lamp or mirror to be illuminated to the middle of litter first, calling “ illuminates litter ” , think to be able to control unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease so. Latter-day, after the litter since the bridal sedan chair, the bride's side sprinkles a water in the doorway, original intention is to think water is OK do away with is foul, also can press unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease to treat ghost of course, after evolving into “ to marry the daughter that go out to spill the water ”—— pray that go out to wish the daughter gets married later, concern with husband's family harmonious, be not dismissed sb from his post to answer.

The bridal sedan chair is in receive the grade that puts in the bridegroom's or husband's family 's charge, with a large retinue, good not air: Of foremost face is clear the way, of prep close behind is deacon, of hold a lamp in one's hand, play bosomy play music, just be bridal bridal sedan chair next. Piping and drumming of along the road, present an one faction festival picture. The bridal sedan chair is greeted to the bridegroom's or husband's family, adjacent person villager demands auspicious money even, calling “ bars door ” : Send the person that kiss to be scattered to the raise in sky with copper cash, children is being contended for go grabbing, call “ ” of besprent day star, have a hand additionally hold the flower is fought, the content such as the cereal that contains place, bean and money, fruit looks at the door and scattering —— is in order to allegedly avert by prayers avoid the —— of evil spirit god that holds back bride to take the door calls “ Sa Gu fabaceous ” . The bride should issue litter, but double foot cannot walk on the ground, can walk on banquet of black list, felt or gunny-bag only. Because the ancients thinks, the ground and day are divine state, must not encroach, and once bridal foot is contacted with land, hard to avoid can offend ground god, accordingly, must the felt on the shop or banquet will avoid. Tang Dynasty white house is easy " spring marry Home Fu greatly " poetic narrate this one consuetudinary: “ black clothes turns felt cotton-padded mattress, beautiful one inclined. ” Song Dai changes felt to be banquet, say to do “ to pass banquet ” or “ to pass bag of ” , deliver with banquet or gunny-bag flounder namely, till bridal chamber before, banquet homophonic “ ceases ”(namely children, unborn) , acting ” of bag homophonic “ , it is to pass a meaning that receives era. Later, also the person that make the strength in kin of the bride's side greater holds the litter below the bride in the arms to ascend a bed, evolve into what wife's younger brother adopts next the litter on the bride, sedan to already made a married woman's parents' home up to now.

When the bride comes to the front of bridal chamber door, cross the past from saddle even, in order to show restful, also have cross fire with controlling unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.
4 Do obeisance to hall Do obeisance to hall: It is a bride pay a formal visit after move into one's husband's household upon marriage deity ground venerates, the instrument division of kin of ancestor of the bridegroom's or husband's family, husband's father and mother and husband.
First Qin Shi, the bride pays a formal visit husband's father and mother is in newly-married the following day early morning. After bridal bath, by assist person leader tape is worn go seeing husband's father and mother. Bridal both hands is being held in both hands fill the bamboo that has jujube and chestnut dish, go to the front of the attend a banquet of grandpa, the face does obeisance to a ceremony all right eastwards, before going up next one pace, genuflect sits down, bamboo dish place on banquet, fair public hand was stroked, stand up pay a return visit, the bride does obeisance to a ceremony all right again, fall next hall, had received from female attendant hand fill the bamboo that has fleshy doing dish, go to the front of the mother-in-law's attend a banquet, undertake as a moment ago same ceremony.

Then, assist person replace husband's father and mother to go to the bride a kind with rummy the protocol that grants a bride, next, the food that bridal reoccupy prepares according to the regulation feeds ceremony ” to make a present of of “ of grandpa mother-in-law travel, in order to show the life of grandpa mother-in-law, will want to be attended by her henceforth. The 3rd day, ” grants the gift that grandpa mother-in-law offers with “ again to still give son's wife.

After mother-in-law of again fair husband's father and mother and daughter-in-law propose a toast each other, grandpa mother-in-law by on the west rank next hall, new son's wife by east rank the azimuth —— that this is host issues —— hall, show new son's wife already was obtained replace a mother-in-law to do housewife qualification. Pay a formal visit again the some auspicious day of the 3rd month after husband's father and mother, the ceremony ”—— that the temple of “ of ancestor temple travel that new son's wife should reach husband home sees pays a formal visit namely a Zu Liezong of husband home, in order to comfort first ancestor in Tian Zhiling. Through this a series of ceremonies, ability considers new son's wife formal to make husband home familial a medium.

Arrive from Han Wei Tang Dynasty, north is taken, do obeisance to hall have what hold in ” of “ Qing Lu. ” of alleged “ Qing Lu is in ground of auspicious of southwest corner “ namely ” , open air sets one tent, the bride steps Qing Lu from the felt banquet that has especially, the footmark that grandpa mother-in-law is stepping a bride subsequently and into, in order to control the drive of daughter-in-law. After bridal introduction, do obeisance to piggery and kitchen first, next husband and wife is handed in do obeisance to, pay a formal visit again the following day husband's father and mother and kin.

Later, gradually do obeisance to this one ceremony to change the night in newly-married to undertake. Bridegroom is greeted after asking a bride to take the door, each hold the homocentric tie that one aspect of the matter forms with Gong Lucai damask, consistent before the hall that in high fever bright red Long Fengxi illuminates, ask the wife of complete in both respects of birthday of blessing of the bridegroom's or husband's family, comb with weighbeam or machine carry go unconscious face-cloth of the bride.

Bridegroom bride does obeisance to heaven and earth first, next ordinal pay a formal visit husband's father and mother and elders kin. At this moment, do obeisance to often want each other to give a gift with the both sides that is done obeisance to. Final husband and wife is handed in do obeisance to, after the ceremony finishs, new personality sends bridal chamber by relatives and friends.
5 Wine banquet, combine alcoholic drink Wine banquet, combine alcoholic drink: Of all ages, wine banquet is the indispensable ceremony when travel of every pairs of newlywed is bridal almost, circulate today, “ eats wedding feast ” to already became the abbreviation of civilian travel wedding.
Of course wine banquet has Fan brief, dimensions differs, but the mainest meaning, the marriage that is bridegroom bride got close friends' acknowledgement. Accordingly, wine banquet also is the link that social sense has most in wedding. First Qin Shi is acting, the wine of bridegroom bride formerlies and not be together with everybody, set one banquet in bridal chamber technical secondary school however, bridegroom bride falls in the direct of emcee, sit relative to, after taking food and drink of a few meal according to due process, accuse namely remove a dinner table, time is very not long. On wine banquet, the ceremony that has a sense most is not had too “ adds up to wine ” .
“ adds up to wine ” , be be linked together with the line, bridegroom bride each hold firstly, relative to drinking ceremony. Goblet one divides into two, indicative couple is 2 body formerly: With Xian Lianbing, indicative two people pass marriage and be linked together; Close criterion one, indicative couple although two body still of one mind. Newlywed eats the cooked food of modulation of one vessel place in all on wine banquet, drink a cup together, the each other between indicative husband and wife respects each other love, close. Because meaning of this one ceremony is far-reaching, the wedding later is so medium little not this one program, of course, as the changes of the times, the name differs somewhat (“ drink makes a cup of wine ”) , household utensils also changes somewhat, drinking form is different also.

After Qin Han, in around of bridal wine banquet, increased “ to scatter the ceremony such as hair of account ” , tie again. After bridegroom greets the bride bridal chamber, two people are together in marriage bed account female Zun Nan is right to sitting, sing an edge to shed monetary colour fruit to the middle of account by the female guest that comes round to attend wedding or emcee edge subsequently, namely alleged “ scatters account ” . Then, give a few hairs that get off from bridegroom head beforehand bride, the hair that lets she and oneself combs the knot is together, call “ knot to send ” .

After this, bridegroom comes down from the bed, the room outside arriving accepts congratulate of relatives and friends, entertainment everybody plays wine to formerly, and bridal criterion still continues how to sit in account, till wine banquet ends, till bridegroom replies a house once more.
6 Make a room Make a room: Be in latter-day, this is newlywed accepts congratulation of relatives and friends, frolicking appearance item in bridal chamber in bridal night, folk has “ newly-married 3 days not to have size ” , “ is troubled by happy event be troubled by happy event, make the statement that is fond of ” more more.
Prevenient Qin Shi is acting, the end that bridegroom bride wine formerlies, the primary end of the nocturnal ceremony that indicates the move is bridal, next, how did bridegroom bride stop.

It is about when Chinese generation, the Bin Peng that attends wedding is unwilling stop at this point, had “ to listen to the practice of room ” then: The night of newly-married, outside loving the person that watch the scene of bustle to come to bridal chamber window stealthily, the utterance of eavesdrop bridegroom bride reachs activity, happy to laugh with this.

Pass develop to advance generation, folk already had those who make fun of a bride is consuetudinary: At a public occasion before, come with all sorts of strange problems difficult bride, right even bridal inflict a variety of mischieves.

Popular later “ is troubled by room ” , the likelihood is this evolves consuetudinarily. The “ of each district is troubled by room ” to have different kind, method, the pitch that make also has cultured with coarse cent, had made a head sometimes, often give advocate guest both sides brings awkwardness and discomfort, but because it gave wedding to add enthusiastic atmosphere, the wedding later is so medium often little not this one program.
7 Over- civil calm Over- civil calm: A month, the clip of photograph of time character 8 of both sides of male and female, place date, ” of ceremony of wine of 3 animal sacrifice goes to “ of equipment of tape of the bridegroom's or husband's family the bride's side.
8 Guo Dali Guo Dali: Choose of the bridegroom's or husband's family decides day of auspicious of fine celestial bodies, the case gift that carry equipment and ceremony cake, coco, tea, areca, choice seafood, 3 animal sacrifice (include chicken two right, goose two right, pigs are lienal two) , pink of lotus seed, sesame seed, lily, red jujube, longan doing, polished glutinous rice, piece candy, , send the bride's side. After the bride's side receives great gift, will answer partially among them send the bridegroom's or husband's family, this calls “ recompense ” . The half that is a the above-listed article normally or a certain number of, plus lotus lotus root one right, taro one right, pomegranate orange of one right, the four seasons is the business suit of one right, handkerchief, son-in-law, leather belt, ceremony, silver-colored fan of bag, paper one right, benefit is two pairs, “ the Five Dynasties is written to be the same as on hall, 100 child 1000 grandson ” .
9 Dotal Dotal: Olden, the woman needs a big orange and a small orange to be done to the bridegroom's or husband's family dotal, 72 clotheses are put inside, with flat cypress, lotus seed, longan, reaching benefit is to be being accompanied; Still have ” of “ butterfly Shuang Fei relatively cut; “ fertile land feet of ” of 10 thousand just, long Feng by, the bedding such as pillow, sheet; Two right, bedgown mix slipper underwear each two; Descendants bucket (cuspidor) inside put red egg a pair, piece candy two, 10 red chopsticks, ginger two, even an umbrella.
10 Above Above: Above ceremony at big marriage the morning of day is held, need choose time. The man should compare the woman early half time begins (difference of about one hour) , ” of mother-in-law of good life of ” of guy of good by “ life and “ replaces both sides of male and female hold in respective home. Both sides of male and female all should wear night clothes, the woman should see the window of moon in more, opening a window to undertake. ” of mother-in-law of good life of ” of guy of alleged “ good life and “ is the elder in home of male and female, choose parents children is still living and in good health, marriage is harmonious person. Once upon a time, be born forbids to ambulate after woman above, the beard when place above bridal sedan chair is being carried on the back by big Jin elder sister. ” of ” of guy of good life of the “ when above, mother-in-law of “ good life can comb at the same time say at the same time: “ combs, comb end; 2 comb, white hair neat eyebrow; 3 comb, comb full ground of children and grand children. ”
11 sunrise door sunrise door: Open red umbrella, the delegate opens a branch to come loose leaf. Scatter ormosia gram and rice to support at the umbrella with roof, exorcise evil spirits of in order to.
12 3 face answer the door 3 face answer the door: Have to new personality generation the following article returns the bride's side: Golden pig two, wine one crock, chicken a pair, on the west cake two box, unripe fruit two basket, face abdomen of two box, pigs, pork two jins. The bride's side must leave daughter and son-in-law to eat a meal. Answer recompense of as usual of the bride's side after the door, include on the west head of young of cake, Zhu Zhe, chicken, lettuce, celery, pig and pigtail. Because the times progresses, everything conforms to the principle of simplicity, above each ceremony all can benefit is to replace. Replace porky, calling pork gold; Replace on the west of cake, namely on the west cake gold.
13 No-no No-no: Pregnant woman and wear mourning for a parent or relative person cannot reach move into one's husband's household upon marriage with witnessing new personality to go out, more cannot the clothings of new personality of lay a finger on and bridal chamber belongings are tasted. If “ climbs the new personality of a ” marriage, must be in its cross ability to be able to go out below the crotch of unmarried friend.

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