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Traditional wedding of Ireland makes a person uncannily traditional
Bridal dress, golden ring, card Langton ring these traditional wedding things make traditional Ireland bridal was full of mysterious colour. Rising and falling bagpipe sound, wave the bridal hall that the plait skirt of dance takes us Ireland.

(Block Langton ring) it names with Kalandu, it is Jia Erhuai (Ireland western) a fishing village, blocking Langton ring is all the time send a daughter by the mother, can make be engaged or wedding ring. Dancing admires a famous Irish ballet to ever had written so: ' this only old Kalandu ring is my grandmother, she is deserving to be being worn all one's life it, passed me finally. ' today, it still is used as marriage give up. But if ring is bought very improper, it must be given as the gift.
Strange superstition
Mix in 18 centuries 19 centuries, if the illumination of the sun meets this be brought to the couple on bridal body,the Irish believes lucky. Same, if can be in the bridal cry that heard azalea in the morning that day or see magpie also be being represented lucky. After bridal ceremony ends, must have a man above all and not be a lady bless to bridal couple.
  Honeymoon (Honey Moon)
'honey' is in Irish point to 'meala' and 'honey Moon' is those who point to honey of 'mi Na Meala' (have) , it is to show how bride and bridegroom overshoot namely that paragraph of days. Irish bonze sent palpability to make mead with fermentingly honey wine, at first it is officinal, discover it can make healthy person body better later. After wedding, people uses special tall foot glass (without) full-dress and enough much honey sends bride and bridegroom, such they can be in a month after wedding enjoy (introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad as it happens of lunar change week is) of a month, 'honey Moon' is created to come out so namely. People believes to eat honey is a kind of germinant best way with adumbrative good marriage.
Your person uncannily traditional:
Since Irish man with recreant and famous, consequently once bridegroom and bride enter church, guests can chain the gate with ensuring he can attend whole and bridal ceremony immediately.
Bridal toast word:
Those who attend bridal people to gather in bridegroom and bride all round, in all cups full-dress mead, and the toast poetry that newlywed recites Ireland: ' friends, kiss people, special you can attend wedding, a lot of after year, this kind of good scene can stay in our heart all the time. Let our compotation the mead of a cup of Ireland, and to sacred pray blessing. ' guests also answer subsequently: ' is in this one day special, the blessing that has us, sacred blessing accompanies you. Sacred meeting blesses you these two drink the person of mead, satisfy you all desires. '
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