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Wedding of Bhutan amorous feelings uncovers ring of hand of secret female guest
Liang Chaowei and Liu Jia Ling get married in Bhutan, illuminate besides the marriage gauze that announce, outside the white marriage literary quotation that pink late outfit shows gauze of marriage of Vera Wang white and GUCCI, full-bodied Bhutan nation characteristic also made this bridal one large window. It is reported, bridal spot draw has the Zhu Ba ceremonial dress for royalty of Bhutan person believe in to list the totem, liu Jialing already pay homage to passes, beg much child much happiness.
Wedding of Bhutan amorous feelings uncovers secret greatly
Implied meaning of 5 kinds of banners is lucky
Bridal all around hang full carry greets the mildew of purify of delegate of 5 kinds of banners that Lin Qingxia is pulling lucky; Yellow and friendship of representing of gules hand annulus are worn on female guests hand.
Name of 5 kinds of banners is Bhutan Lungta, the horse that is wind (the meaning of Windhorse) , on behalf of purify mildew carry is received lucky. Imprint on burgee of blue, red, yellow, white, green have lection, represent water, fire, earth, air and iron respectively 5 kinds of natural elements. Bhutan person believes totemic implied meaning is much child much happiness, house all around everywhere is visible.
Red white dichromatic scarf
The day of marriage of two National People's Congress, every guest wraps around personally white scarf, implied meaning “ welcomes ” warmly, this is Bhutan tradition dress, represent a welcome, when average fare reachs Bhutan airport, local tourist guide also can be surrounded for everybody on scarf, express greeting desire to the passenger. And the red scarf that bridal Liu Jia Ling wraps around represents honor and respect, in Bhutan tradition calendar, red represents fire, unripe Yu Huo year the person can deserve to wear red, because she gives birth to Yu Huo,choosing red as to Liu Jialing is year, or manage because of the life unknown.
Do obeisance to traditional totem to beg child
Emperor of Bhutan believe in person bamboo Ba Gunlie (Drukpa Kunley) , have fair ’ of ‘ Bhutan aid again say, became famous with sexual life bold and unconstrained, fokelore ever made love with 1000 5 females, ever repelled demon with his penis again, because this Bhutan person believes he is OK,bless population flourishing and blessing of ’ of marital ‘ sex. Liu Jialing hits oviposit needle regularly of late, wei young also pays attention to preserve one's health, the person is built to plan to be able to be finished smoothly after believing Bhutan gets married.
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