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The hymeneal before the Japanese bridal person with much colorful appearance
Japanese wedding is very exquisite, not hesitate expenditure weighs gold. Although Japanese society progresses ceaselessly, the country is ceaseless modern, but the traditional concept that Japanese still is retaining wedding.
Japanese wedding is the most exquisite be matched for marriage
Look in Japanese, marrying is the important event of both sides of male and female not only, it is the large issue with familial both sides of male and female more, accordingly, when people is considering marital issue, always very notice the men and women is bilateral whether ' of ' be matched for marriage. The children of other people of riches and honour is only below the position of family of marriage conjugate elephant and fortune and the circumstance that its comparative roughly, just obtain parents and familial approve of and help smoothly.
The hymeneal before the hymeneal before the spousal of Japanese has a mind, hymeneal before Buddha, Christian hymeneal and person. Relatively popular now is the hymeneal before the person and domestic hymeneal.

  Urban Japan is bridal: The hymeneal before the person
The hymeneal before the person is a kind of new form, both neither is before divine Buddha, also not be in the home, hold in communal circumstance however, wait like guesthouse, restaurant, wineshop. Bridegroom bride falls in bilateral sponsorial be accompanying, will marry registry office, fill in registration form, sign affix one's seal, obtain law of take as one's model to go up admit. Subsequently, bridegroom bride or bilateral parent shift to an earlier date 3 two weeks issue invitation card. Attend bridal person on invitation, past basically is sister of parents, brother and other relative. Some closer year come, enlarged the leader of unit of friend, job, colleague gradually. Wedding is a when bridegroom bride expresses gratitude to these people rare opportunity, the care that thanks them to go, help advance somebody's career and support.
On wedding, bridegroom bride is wearing showily ceremonial robe or dress, the hand holds a flower in both hands, all along guest expresses welcome. Attending bridal guest also is to wear a festival full-dress, especially bridal cummer people it is to dress up so that Guang Yan takes a person more, make marry celebration is perfected. Guests are ordinal send speech of congratulation to bridegroom bride enthusiasm, some still sings dance, for bridal add to the fun. In beautiful singing, bridegroom bride is intoxicated in the joyance of newly-married. In sound of a blessing, bridegroom presents a flower to mother-in-law, the bride presents a flower to the mother-in-law, both sides is the verbal acknowledgment opposite party that uses the truest affection, guileless is parental, express forever engrave they cradle the loving-kindness of own sweetheart. When wedding undertakes end, bridegroom bride wants to feed the parents that oneself grow leaves, at this moment the mother is holding a son in the arms, mom cuddle is worn daughter, 1000 urge again and again, 10 thousand enjoin, heat up lachrymal shedding to drip, intendment cuts condition. The bridal banquet of jubilation becomes unusually noiseless at a draught, musical sound disappeared, chat sound stopped, bowl chopsticks sound does not listen, what all guest are looking attentively at this to urge person tear to fall is parting, a lot of people are touched so that shed next tear. When bridal end, guest of bridegroom bride send off, answer to every guest give a gift, returning given gift is an a cosmetic, tea service or and so on of a packet of candied mug-up mostly. Time after giving a gift, in applause of the hurrah in the guest, beat and beatific sound, undertake ' is opposite 339 times ceremony of wine drink ' , namely bridegroom bride drinks wine 3 times with 3 pairs of goblet, every cups of 3 second drink are over. Drinking end, bridegroom bride clusters round in the guest under, leave bridal hall, in the home that returns oneself.

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