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How does the Chinese make preparations in the United States bridal

No matter “ is poor riches and honour, birth, metropolis love, respect and take care of the other side, arrive dead to just rest no matter ……” is in holy cathedral, still be in majestic court, even if be,toast each other in what be fond of banquet, can read aloud think of this in the new personality of American marriage this is unripe not the marriage of change oath, the ─ of ─ of the first pace that begins their matrimony is bridal.
Student studying abroad, work a group of things with common features, new immigrant, ABC, these are in the United States air plant, the Chinese of knot legitimate child, it is how be prepared and run their life the ceremony of this important moment, how will do the great rejoicing day that runs oneself? See a Chinese how do in beautiful wedding fully.

City hall of bridal ” of compere of “ of of all kinds and judge Your Excellency

Come to the United States Xin Zexi 4 years of Wang Peng of half, be high big big northward boy, he be about to the doctor graduates, had found the job in Boston, can have never wanted to work all along slow and steady oneself, can use such word of brash ” of “ hurried ” and “ to describe his to marry. New personality Chen Zhixin and Wu Kailun, bridegroom wears the chic garland that husband's family Cong Xiawei smooths to be brought technically in side bride.

A month is less than after the work is certain, king roc decision and the cummer that had interacted more than two years are like Xiaoning marriage, cummer reads a Master in the university near Boston, also face graduate immediately. Wang Peng says frankly to the reporter, such experience “ is not his style, very accident, very actual, very happy also. Bow tie marriage proves the college city city hall that ” is on the side of Boston, after taking the receipt that made a few money merely, the staff member says to relative or friend are asked to do chief witness at a wedding ceremony in a few months, it is OK to the court gets a proof or perhaps hold spousal to the cathedral around.

Wang Peng and small peace are in the United States without what family member, those who stem from the job and life is fluctuant, do what wedding without preparation. Two good friends that he is helping Xiaoning and her early in the morning the following day arrived the court around, he is laughing to say, won't forget “ forever our chief witness at a wedding ceremony besides two good friends, still one has the rash driver that punishs sheet and a divorce but the father of infer son, and a few polices and lawyer. ”

such, before a month, in type of ” of interrogate of “ of judge adult with a kind and pleasant countenance chair below, they answered “Yes” and “I Do” . Like working to still compare sense of traditional Wang Peng “ to resemble performing the film ” , play the hand of a Xiaoning, majestic the knot on the court that again bit of humourous is in the United States is a couple.

Cathedral marriage looks for a priest

Many religion that there are oneself in beautiful Chinese are devotional, marry walk into church new personality to be absent nowadays a few, a lot of brother also regard the wedding that the priest chairs in the god before begin new life, it is lifetime Central Africa constant divine with important thing.

A young Chinese woman that has played friend cathedral wedding tells a reporter, although bridal leading role is not her, but she attends such wedding for the first time, the oath that hears new personality is so excited that the oath that hears new personality tear fell down quickly, she hopes she also can have such wedding, but the grandfather is old 8, firm she what make believe in christian anything but marries into cathedral, she is forced to go the wedding of audit good friend. Golden cross, white marriage gauze, the wedding march of grand grace, the woman's father meets the daughter in husband hand with one's own hands, this is the sinfonia of American cathedral wedding. Traditional Christian bridal procedure, still have ask solo actor to sing good news song, and the bridal meaning on Bible of priest read out, new personality exchanges oath to wait a moment. The priest guides new personality to read aloud oath to exchange ring, after announcing bridegroom can kiss a bride, two people are husband and wife. New personality should be before a big candlestick, blow respectively destroy the candle that represents respective family, ignite a among big candle jointly next, express to break away from respective parents henceforth, the family that constitutes oneself. The sort of moving occasion lets “ the person felt to be born of the vivid and dramatic on this world again a new family. This lady says ” .

Look for an emcee to pass great gift

Although municipal government and judge and cathedral can settle very much important program, but to the Chinese, receive close, marry, do obeisance to hall, Bai Zuxian, propose a toast, respect bag of tea, Dai Shou act the role ofing, Xie Gong to wait, it is Chinese feast little not custom ceremony. The newlywed person that the details with innumerable that day wedding lets do not have experience is felt do not wear main threads of an affair, the program that considers a these too great gifts is before kin friend get sth done without any letup, even opposite and novel free from vulgarity also not be an easy thing, how to do?

The Deng Yuqing of Philadelphia and Qian Jiyi young couple, chose the Guan Yuyan of ” of “ swallow elder sister with famed far and near of hall of local wedding breakfast to do their emcee, namely bridal compere. What just held the first weekend in May is bridal, undertake in Philadelphia the building of drunk celestial being of most wedding undertakes. They say, “ is bridal that day bridegroom bride is the puppet that lets others look actually, the level that emcee directs this, decided us whether lively become reconciled watchs this puppet show. ”

The emcee swallow elder sister of hall of Philadelphia wedding breakfast, she says to be so much new personality to be chaired via her begin new life particularly glad.

Have the Chinese introduction of these traditional courtesy according to a lot of requirements, emcee is the incorporeal character of Chinese wedding really, some looks for the broadcasting station with bright enunciation advocate sow, some looking for can the actor of dance of song be apt to, the lucky day of many Chinese traditions, the emcee of a few famous gas should be connected drive several wedding.

The swallow elder sister that has several years of experience tells a reporter, she chairs an experience with the mainest wedding is: “ cannot awkward silence at an occasion, cold play that make a stand is faulty. ” swallow elder sister is to because do not know English to be scolded to return by American,see a fellow villager after saying a thank, sigh with emotion to just begin to sponsor joy of “ good friend somewhat tonight ” , of the activity that make friend, learn English for the sake of letting a Chinese a circle makes friend, be invited ceaselessly to chair wedding by the friend later. She says, what understand besides the family that wants a bridegroom bride and them and setting is particularly good, have capacity of very good meet an emergency even, should try to be unique in machine-made wedding more ability climax alternate shows. The swallow sister that has chaired wedding for a lot of new personality says, the Chinese settles down in the United States it is not easy to establish line of business, marrying is them it is what the life struggles to begin jointly, she has a cherished desire, it is “ lets each pairs of new personality can have lifetime and unforgettable bridal memory. ”

Bridal company is done decide everything

Besides above the tradition with mentioned Chinese different that day wedding and ceremony, wine shop is ordered before wedding, choose famished look, hire the car, cake that order a gift, do cake, photography, kinescope, order a flower, include the performer that performance program add to the fun brings on wedding and band, and DJ or chair, it is the grand opera that has not mentioned, these not only it is the Chinese should be done, every want to have marry the person of celebration should be done. Many Americans do each thing personally, need shifts to an earlier date one year time preparation. The Chinese with many busy jobs male fragile give bridal company to do all things, saved a lot of time and energy.

Bridal Wu Kailun, it is the ABC that is brought up in the United States, she pulls center of happy photography formal attire to order finish wedding to take in Xin Zexi, a matron of honour that accompany man and dress of flower child complete set, patted marriage gauze is illuminated and book finish marriage to photographed that day. She tells a reporter, chen Zhixin spent oneself and bridegroom about the same 10 months prepare, a lot of things or bilateral parents get busy about finishing together. She what become orthopaedics doctor says: “ chooses marriage gauze, order hotel and chose band to spend my maximum time. ”

New personality Chen Zhixin and Wu Kailun, the chic garland that wears man family Cong Xiawei to smooth to be brought technically takes a photograph of whole family together.

Hold to oneself to do the Wu Kailun of all things, laughing to point to those who point to oneself to make up to pull Wen Ni of happy boss Zhao to say, “ they are heroes of behind the curtain, help me do decide a lot of things. ” Wen Ni made 34 years of this group in Taiwan, will do marriage gauze formal attire 21 years to make up again to the United States the one continuous line such as photography serves, she tells a reporter, xin Zexi's guest is to shift to an earlier date commonly half an year books bridal photography, see marriage gauze wait a moment. The guest of new York is busier, can wanting last minutes when marry to run even, want them to help the wedding that makes the arrival on calm horse. Fortunately here acts as agent the dress of company of a lot of famous brand is tasted with act the role ofing of of all kinds, still have a lot of relevant services, can settle the need of major guest.

Married in May in busy season, wen Ni wants before dawn 34 o'clocks to get up every weekend almost, hurry to make up for the bride, take what should use on neat wedding to hold flower, tire, shoe and hand in both hands to wrap a glove, the complete set thing of kinescope and the article of a few special requirements. She says, what do this to see bridegroom bride considers at one only all right before is glad, always remember with concern to forget what thing instead now. “ is bridal only a day so a few hour, it is however all one's life the most important hour, responsibility is major, where dare forget an any dot. ”

Shadow of Philadelphia Great Wall art the center also carries on content of complete set wedding, the contented Guo young couple that come here says the boss Guo Xiaoping's couple here is very professional also. Guo Xiaoping revealed 56 when he is used 956 years high-quality camera for the reporter, he says, wait for groovy content besides indoor photography and exterior, the kinescope belt that designs montage for the client is very popular now. Many person selected choose marry kinescope belt sends close friends to do accept as a souvenir, still a few film simple love story, in marry broadcast on celebration come out.

Read Chinese wedding from consumption and form

Album of flower formal attire receives people of a new type

On May 1, the ancient fort type that Kathy Yan and Peter cover an area of 100 mus in is manorial held wedding, young couple light is to use a flower to dressed up here to spend 6000 dollars, and Gu Bao's field hired Jinye to spend ten thousand and eight.

Before lively and extraordinary wedding, besides flower red carpet of the surface, full-dress China outside taking, still have the price that does not poor and diversiform situation actually. The branch of Pan American of Kathy’s Bridal boss that specializes in marriage gauze formal attire (Mae) tells a reporter, the knot wedding of the bride of the most important nothing is more... than in wedding is taken, be in the United States almost all bridal formal attire are bought, very few someone goes hiring, the bride is in after marrying normally formal attire sealed collect rise, when the daughter gets married or special gift can serve as when grown ceremony all right.

Wu Kailun changes marriage gauze to tell a reporter, gauze of common a marriage also wants 200 to 300 dollars, intermediate is 500 to 1200 dollars, high-grade more expensive. What she chooses is nearly 1000 yuan marriage gauze, the head gauze that imposes form a complete set, tire, glove, vanity arrives all the time shoe, in marriage gauze inn sell respectively, adding up can not be decimal eye.

Marriage gauze photography has a 499 U.S. dollors 30 pieces anniversary book, the forms of 60 Zhang Zhonggao archives that also have 800 yuan or so, more elegant book is about wait for a good price to sell. Marry the photography that day should be controlled 2000 yuan. Triumphant human relations decided hotel everybody adds up to dinner from cocktail lounge want 300 or so one desk, still have band, the three-layer that controls with 700 yuan marries cake, asked a judge to show up additionally chair

Photographic sky is become, wen Ni says, triumphant human relations marry expenditure is in ABC, be intermediate level, but emigrate compared with generation and very high level has been for the student studying abroad. “ is in the United States can the woman gives bridal holding cost. ”The wedding of Kathy and Peter, average every go manorial guest should cost 500 yuan, it is astronomical that so their wedding costs amount to discuss a possibility to common Chinese.

Gift detailed list and red bag headgear

In the United States gift of marriage sending a form has a special custom, it is by newlywed namely inside a few months before wedding, it is good to find the home or several one department stores that admire in the heart to choose two individual wedding or it is the thing that should use after marriage, list nice gift sheet, arrive from kitchen tool bedding, all-embracing, the price from low arrive to have high. The chain store that guest and friends can reach these companies directly in each district perhaps passes Internet, choose the gift that accords with oneself to buy capacity to give newlywed person from this gift detailed list. The major thing that when they begin family life, wants so need not use concern.

Wu Kailun and Chen Zhixin, these two pairs of ABC catered to Kathy and Peter such fashion, friends knew their need through oral according to legend and network, lin Lin always sent of all kinds always the gift. Triumphant human relations the website that still is defeated by the plan that they marry into to provide bridal support technically with a lot of information, such friends can understand their situation in each district, chen Zhixin's parents lives in Hawaiian, brought chic Hawaiian characteristic anadem technically still.

The red package of gift ─ ─ that the wedding of complete Chinese style of contented Guo young couple also gave them to bring Chinese style and headgear. Every friend that will attend wedding sent 200 differ to 500 yuan cash, expressed their intention with conventional red bag, the friend of a few kin and acquaintanceship brought golden necklace and golden bracelet for them, still have Jin Longfeng, the precious headgear such as Yu Pei. The friend by new personality couple and bilateral parents and fellow villager can attend their wedding.

Lucky Wu Kailun says, she and bridegroom include their parents to have friend of a lot of Chinese, so they also received the ” of “ red bag of a few traditions. The triumphant Lun Lou that tells English all the time ages and laugh, appeared exclusive ” of red bag of “ of vocabulary of a Chinese, and mentioned 3 times with Chinese in a few words, her what she says this pair spent many money to do wedding help is very great, should move as next year especially they are very real presents.

Marriage of congratulate of congratulate on a happy occasion in the newspaper marry

In the Chinese city of Manhadu and Philadelphia, each marriage returns the Chinese popular and additional a kind of agitation: In the newspaper congratulate marriage, in the newspaper allied marry.

The parents with many the 2nd emigrant generation is the first step that begins them to be in the beauty in Chinese city, had participated in mass organizations and fellow villager to meet, the happy event of filial marriage makes the opportunity of fellow villager and each mass organizations and congratulation of watch of businessman each other, “ lives to old age in conjugal bliss ” of ” , “ dragon Feng Chengxiang, “ hundred years add up to ” very much demit sees these congratulate that common Dan Youxi celebrates be carried at the newspaper, also brought festive atmosphere really, the love that the newspaper of community also makes new people is witnessed and enunciative, it is two of allied marry familial designation more.

Honeymoon travels bound of 2 the world

The honeymoon after wedding is American characteristic, the popular also “ in the Chinese marries such viatic ” form and content, different nevertheless person has different choice and consideration.

Wang Peng and Xiao Xiaoning face graduate, wedding had not considered, honeymoon has been engineered however. This summer vacation is ” of archives of the sky before two people go to work relative to disengaged “ , wang Peng says, although became poor student not to do big wedding, but the two handcart that opening oneself, carry on the bride goes crossing not costly however sweet honeymoon is unchallenged still. The cataract that they plan to leave not far looks, too won't tired, also return a responsibility case.

Triumphant human relations say, preparation had asked for leave before they are bridal, so after marriage the following day she and husband should go to work. Nevertheless they plan to arrived July Hawaiian visit grandpa grandmother, still have party of a diminutive at the same time, the honeymoon that is oneself travelled.

Different Chinese marries characteristic

Student studying abroad: Still need to struggle conform to the principle of simplicity act

Wang Peng says he still lies struggling col, marrying is to live more expediently later, build small home to struggle jointly together, wedding is so brash, everything conforms to the principle of simplicity, just serve as marry and leave Xin Zexi's friend, prepare everybody to eat a meal simply, leave the years in the past. He and Xiaoning discuss, accurate stock opportunity answers home and family to do together marry feast, take apology ground to say slightly next: “ fills to my wife again to moment gauze of a marriage is illuminated. ”

Pull boss lukewarm Ni of happy event to tell a reporter, have couples of many student studying abroad however when graduating, before perhaps going back to the motherland, run there her, the demand pats a few graduation to illuminate with the school for exterior, pat gauze of on a few pieces of marriage to illuminate together with respect to along with occasionally, selecting the price mostly is not too tall combination. From Rutgers and Princeton, even the student of NYU has, also calculate those who witness them to leave United States study and matrimony.

Different region custom compares right: The VS that plunge drop bakes porket

“ diamond constant is ages ago, one always circulates. ” Euramerican personage and a few ABC getting Buddhist monastic discipline to regard is to propose, conjugal keepsake, and will tell a Chinese commonly is not to take this respect seriously very much, the custom that values a few traditions more instead and delegate kiss the content of affection.

The swallow elder sister of wedding breakfast hall introduces, china, kampuchea and Vietnam overseas Chinese should send a lot of betrothal gift before marrying a bride, this includes red jujube, earthnut, lotus among them lotus root, chestnut and the porket that bake have cultured thing, represent respectively be born early expensive child, the mind flesh of apparently severed, mother. Bake porket and mainland to have the effect of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result from woman flesh among them, represent the mind flesh that the daughter is a mother, after be being married, should recompense. This may let lifting leg of the sheet that plunge drop to kneel down lovemaking new new mankind is between tears and smiles, the mood that nevertheless this represents among them and expectation are the clue that Chinese one's elders approbates and indispensable courtesy. Also have in the United States mix wedding feast marry album sends the parents that cannot come round to attend wedding, bleach the way that affection of children of foreign expression crossing the sea thinks.

The tradition of Chinese style, the flower of beautiful clique is married, nevertheless in the final analysis still is the Chinese's wedding, more or less confluence is handed in collect with absorb dissimilation, let a person see the sweetness of happy newlywed person. A day before May, gentleman of a Chinese is getting the wife that dresses up without dress and make up to walk into involve building happy a shadow, find what had ordered stealthily to take a picture odd, telling a wife this is the gift that gives them to marry 20 years, muddy like that insensible wife is fond of lachrymal ripples suddenly. Pat get married gauze to illuminate, everybody is surprised they the photograph with so much how distinctive modelling is not chosen, should magnify one piece does not have what movement unluckily foolish to photograph, they say “ sees us 20 years, still can inspect so to looking! ” is foolish before they are in foolish smile what inspect is spoony with love. The people of shadow building says, those who run his convention, still be exoticism, it is enough that the Chinese's newlywed has such feeling after 20 years.

ABC: Fashionable agitation of pursuant United States

Kathy and Peter the Chinese children that this is fashionable agitation of very typical pursuant United States to ABC, an organic whole of American culture blending of their Chinese setting and whole, and if illuminating Wen Ni, say “ pays attention to a modernist school more, opener, unusual be willing to part with or use spends money. ” does not cross “ to break away from Chinese culture ” a bit.

On photography, they are mixed completely with exterior marry the content that day is given priority to, almost total energy uses in that Gu Bao decorate on, “ all everything wants air, want to had better be mixed famous brand. The requirement that this is Kathy mixes ” state of mind, and some things blame is expensive do not buy, cheap do not be afraid of be a holiday, be afraid that quality is bad to lost social status however instead. Nevertheless their photograph is all things want “ however besides big ” want “ small ” technically. It is smaller so more expensive, more exquisite also. General Chinese basically is the whats on wedding want under photograph comparing small, want petty gain, ask the photograph wants alone only big, the photograph that is about to magnify at every turn is 30*40

Make the Mae assessment of marriage gauze technically, ABC people the thing that means expression than traditional Chinese digs him can morely, can go choosing the modern ceremonial robe or dress with a few very bold designs and marriage gauze, this and the American client there her had done not have what distinction. Nevertheless she also is mentioned, the meeting that these ABC happen to coincide chooses dress of a Chinese style, no matter be a cheongsam,still be the Tang Dynasty outfit.

Wu Kailun and old annals glad have respectively very the bride of Americanization meets (Bridal Shower) , and leave single party (Bachelor Party) . The good friend that is oneself is them initiative hold, among them 3 her a matron of honour accompany him to spend all afternoon, massage, xiu Jia, do maintain, made a lot of preparation to marry, let her be touched very much. They are acquainted 5 years, was engaged last year in June, triumphant human relations say, the most special gift outside dividing finish marriage ring is the feeling that got male friend to be as long as 5 minutes poem.

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