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Equestrian bride sits bridegroom litter relatives and friends is pedestrian
“ hey! Be interesting! Equestrian sit of litter, marry or take sport? ” yesterday 9 when 30 minutes of around, area of Shenyang city peace before the door of a hotel of 14 abb road and glorious street fork in a road, of a 150 more than person special receive close rank, drew countless passerby stop watch.

Lion of one Huang Yigong both ends is in front open circuit, one left one right two woman hands that wear Manchu dress hold bright red prep close behind happy a word.

Bridegroom official is riding purplish red horse, pectoral admire big safflower, be radiant with happiness, cock-a-hoop, often still wave passerby express one's thanks to of Xiang Daoxi. Back red top 8 carry the new a form of address for one's wife that what sitting in big sedan is him.

“ old girl sits litter head bout ah! Both hands of ” new a form of address for one's wife is helping the armrest inside litter up, it is to laugh so that close more not approach mouth, say to the woman matchmaker beside. The chair man is in what wait for festival Le Sheng as back suona horn, tom-tom to accompany below, rhythm ground is carrying sedan.

   Hardship greets close team to walk 5 kilometers

Going in team backmost is bridegroom and bridal both sides 150 Yu Ren's close friends.

“ is this to marry not? Don't have even a car how? ” team stops in entrance of a hotel, bridegroom official discontinue, give a bride please from inside the sedan later, do not have firecracker noise at this moment, some drop that are suona horn only with a tick answer and the applause with many relatives and friends, enthusiastic passerby.

“ from in the morning much at 7 o'clock gave husband's family door to receive a bride, go to now, had gone to have two half hours almost. The aunt Zhao Gong Ying of ” new a form of address for one's wife says, “ bridegroom home lives around cooking utensils city, husband's family person arrives south the bridal home of the market accepts a person, return bridegroom home again next, come to the hotel together, also must not have a 5 kilometers how. ”

We do not take “ car, also do not put firecracker, with the bridal sedan chair this is planted very classic very the form of folk-custom, not as much festival and lively? Gong Ying of ” aunt Zhao thinks.

   Environmental protection need not car tradition is more festival

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