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Much happy event of Bei of bride of the China that attend day is little
Some closer year come, the marriage crossing a state between Chinese people and Japanese people is increasing. But, as a result of culture setting different a few reasons with etc, we have to see a such reality: Marry Chinese bride of Japan to be fond of little Bei much.

   Bride of the China that attend day jumps marital mode has 3 kinds

An article of broadcasting station of China International broadcast is written, province of Japanese law Wu enters a country the statistical figure that announces before long before management board shows, 1993, with “ Japanese ” identity obtains the spouse to be less than 30 thousand in the Chinese that leaves a qualification, arrived 2003, this one word goes up to near 60 thousand. Chinese bride already became bride of Japanese foreign nationality at present in most a flock of.

As a whole, the marriage crossing a state between Sino-Japanese people can be divided it is 3 kinds. One kind is both sides is in Japan or China is acquainted, form husband and wife through the understand one another in learn and working. Such marital relation compares firm mostly, connubial both sides feels happy mostly.

The pattern that still has a kind of marriage is: After some China girl comes to Japan with the name that marry and obtaining visa, part company with ” of “ Japan husband, run to the big city such as Tokyo to work secretly. At the beginning of this year, tokyo police uncovered the organization that holiday of an introduction men and women marries, the Japanese neat cane that arrested to claim ” of association of administration of Wu of “ Asia law is represented believes a husband. This person waits for a way through ad is being carried on Chinese newspaper, facilitated ” of holiday marriage of ten China woman and Japanese man “ .

In all mode of the Sino-Japanese marriage that cross a state, both sides passes Introduction Zhongjie and one the most general kind still writtens guarantee for husband and wife. More and more Japan men choose idol look turns to abroad, because they cannot find appropriate marriage in home,be object. Nowadays, the independent consciousness of Japanese female increases increasingly, the Japanese woman that is not willing to marry is increasing. It is in a few village of Japanese and fishing village, because the place is out-of-the-way, the life is tough, woman of very rare Japan is willing to be married over there, a lot of men that cause these places passed 40 years old to still hit ruffian as before. But, they are forced to change eye to a few economy to lag behind at Asian other country of Japan.

Demand has the market. Then, japan crosses a state marriage interpose place opens more more. They stick advertisement to street even even in electric car. And the website that opens Japan is searched at will, also can see a lot of this kind webpages. These marriage interpose orgnaizations emphasize him work efficiency is very tall, call “ men and women both sides from meet to marry to need ” of a week only. Before some companies form a delegation technically still even, past China dates.

   Bride of China of the anguish after marriage does not understand to want to think thrice before you act before marriage

So, how to marry Chinese woman of Japan to live through intermediary? Investigate discovery, before because a lot of China women are in,marrying Japanese man, to the custom of be fond of of the surroundings of the other side, disposition and place the habit understands not quite, marry was immersed in anguish before long in the past in the center. Just think, two languages are illogical, the men and women with completely different, new culture, it is only what be in him decision inside half hour through marital introduction is lifelong, how many can such marital safety factor have?

Before paragraph time, japanese media reported the experience of bride of a few China. One is the woman that comes from Sichuan appropriate guest, she was married through the friend's introduction a Japanese farmhouse of long wild county. Cannot think of, this her friend actually in the dark to man collection the charge of nearly 3 million yen, result her husband home constantly the manner pose as with buyer, make her feel sufferred humiliation. Meanwhile, the country's flat life also makes her intolerable, then her anger and run away from home, the result lives because of cannot becoming independent however and must return husband home, continue to suffer suffer.

Last year in January, marry the Chinese bride of Ding of eyrie of autumn cropland county because Quan Shunxiang produces brawl for domestic trivial matters with the husband, under mood out of control, actually conveniently took floor slab to break the husband dead, oneself also are chained and thrown into prison. April 2002, hill pear county is early the Chinese bride Xu Xiaomei of plain Ding used kitchen knife to kill Japanese man in the night of newly-married. According to Japanese police speculation, this may be the mercenary marriage with one abnormal picket.

Because great majority lives in Chinese bride of Japan,not be very happy, because every plan becomes the Chinese woman of Japanese bride to be in,want to understand two businesses certainly: One is why should marry after all the other side. If pure it is medium Japanese material lives, 10 have that matrimony 89 it is Thespian. Additionally one reachs its surroundings how to much understand to him man after all namely, think oneself are in marry whether can exotic culture suit after in the past habit and life are consuetudinary, lest brash make a decision, killed him lifetime.

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