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The most peculiar marriage common, grab close
Grabbing is maiden man in person grab liked maid oneself domestic marriage get married, this kind is consuetudinary, yunnan all has a few minority, but this is the way of a kind of marriage that both sides of male and female has talked only. However, the Achang nationality of bridge river county grabs De Hongzhou to differ somewhat however in person, cent is 3 kinds of circumstances:

One kind is both sides of male and female free love had feeling, but father and mother of the woman when act as a matchmaker does not agree, at this moment, young men and women auspiciouses day surely under the counter, let the man grab close. The man presses agreeing day, invite make an appointment with companionate late night to feel woman home, pulling a girl to run, the girl calls parents loudly of purpose, be reaved in order to show oneself. Because woman father and mother is without preparation, this kind is grabbed close mostly successful.

2 it is the person of one's heart that the girl had him, and parents extortionary for girl make choice of other son. Below the case that likes a girl in two men, among them a man makes an appointment with a companion to grab the girl in coming home, did not grab another man of the girl, can anxiously ground is looking at a girl to be reaved, and cannot on the way intercept, this is the custom of the Achang nationality.

3 it is both sides of male and female in amative process oath of sea of indifferent and downhill alliance, but woman midway ceases to be faithful, person of male convenient organization takes the advantage of a girl to go out unprepared grab rise to run. Grab arrive home in person, put firecracker into the door, do obeisance to at once hall. When night or want to get the girl more distant relative to live in early in the morning the following day, hide into remote mountains even sometimes, till bilateral parent negotiation appropriate ability in pairs comes home.

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