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Popular marriage celebrates individual character wedding " 3 delicacy " new pers

11 ” of coming “ the golden week, beijing will be greeted this year most igneous marriage celebrates a height. As the popularity of personalized wedding, the drop of wedding of Beijing new personality is increasing, marriage those who celebrate prop is newer faster and faster also. The reporter understands, marriage banquet and motorcade are not the grand opera of new personality wedding any more, compare with photograph of in former years, to seek newlywed person of wedding new idea people ability be willing to part with or use is floriferous two 3 into charge.

When marriage car motorcade already was passed

These days, the marriage of all Beijing celebrates a company busy extremely, a large number of bridal order that squash during the Olympic Games are in 11 ” golden week will release “ centrally. According to marriage celebrate industry committee preliminary count, arrive from September 28 on October 7, on 10 thousand pairs of new personality will marry in this golden week. And before person of average double life is completely in the golden week suffer from, number of the marrier in 7 days is more average this year.

This year, bridal ceremony costs the expenditure that exceeded marriage car and marriage banquet. Marriage celebrate Shi Kangning of industry committee chairman to tell a reporter, marriage car consumption is the grand opera that consumes before, but a lot of new personality had used marriage car no longer now, because there is a car in a lot of new personality homes now,be, the car of the car that uses oneself or friend more economy is substantial; 2 it is to feel bridal motorcade outdated, receive a bride to compare old style with motorcade of a lengthen, do not have originality. Suffer Olympic Games effect, value of hotel marriage banquet is little this year rise, be in commonly 1000 to 3000 yuan of every desks, but arrangement of number of desk of new personality wedding is more compact than before also. Small banquet is main after powwow of a lot of new personality at noon outside relatives and friends, even in the late evening great dinner is other relatives and friends.

New personality wedding pays attention to “ occasion ”

The reporter celebrates a company to understand from a few marriage of Beijing, major this year marriage celebrates service project to did not rise in price, but the expenditure that new personality does a wedding is compared before many two to 3 into the left and right sides. Marriage celebrate concoctive Shi Zhangwei to tell a reporter, the new personality that marries this year takes bridal ceremony seriously generally quite

Feeling, taller to the content requirement of culture level, because this occasion design is concoctive key.

The reporter understands, the more of bridal new personality this year seeks result of dream of a kind of arena, because this conference appears,the little cost cost of a lot of wedding is occupied marriage the circumstance that celebrates consumptive half. And the hubble-bubble chance that takes before two years in popular front row and the prop such as the lamp that chase after light had been used rarely, lamp of replacing dry ice machine, computer and LED show screen becomes bridal prop “ new 3 appearance ” . Dry ice function produces a dreamy result like elfland, computer lamp can be nodded surely directional make all sorts of colorific light, LED shows screen compares slide show screen more air.

“ is new the dreamy result that 3 appearance ” produces also means new personality to want a few more floriferous silver. The reporter understands, the use price of machine of a bridal dry ice is controlled in 1000 yuan; Computer lamp is in 600 reach 800 yuan; Price of indication screen of different class LED is in 10 thousand reach 20 thousand yuan.

The classic wedding of a few Chinese style is in Beijing more and more popular also, new personality wears traditional ethical dress to use China's oldly formal marriage, have traditional lasting appeal very much. The reporter installs custom-built unit to understand from formal attire of a few marriage, the order of classic and bridal dress increased before 11 ” of “ many, besides the short embroidered cape of cheongsam, phoenix coronet glow that still has a tradition and dance of long sleeve be apt to Chinese take.

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