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Careful calculation and strict budgeting does wedding
Although wedding is the grandest and happy hour in one individual lifetime, but hold greatly do greatly, overdraw monetary way is obvious festival and as lucky as marriage atmosphere it doesn't matter is associated, accordingly, in hold when doing wedding, hold to " can save a province " the principle is more well-advised still. How can you just accomplish this after all so?

● marriage is illuminated

Need not the enlarge that make takes the later stage that shadow building provides, look for inn of professional colour enlarge to rinse, one can save 339 yuan. Additional, shadow building was concealed a lot of " consume 2 times " project, for instance bridal cosmetic, rental headgear, still the photo negative that pats more needs to pay fee separately, add to be about 50 yuan, understand because of before this takes a picture, must seeking advice.

● is engaged banquet date

Pick wedding day very crucial. Nowadays, more and more new personality are willing to decide wedding day in 8 days, 18 days or 28 days, consider as a good mouth colour, homophonic " hair " . Be maintained in these " wedding day " in, hotel the business is normally very good, do not hit commonly so fold. Accordingly, might as well escape these days. ● marriage celebrates a company

It is clear that the detail of each service should enquire, sign a contract to had been jumped over in detail more. The problem that appears the most easily normally is marriage celebrate decorated that day be short of material to increase fund temporarily, marriage car needs to change temporarily the ability that increase fund is solved, photograph do not include the later period editing and rearrangement, VCD that make to wait like cost, need additional increase fund again. Additional, it is really OK that professional marriage celebrates a company to want marrier leave out a lot of time are mixed energy, make sound plan for them, accomplish content to be worth somewhat truly. If wedding day is driven during the festival, with marriage it is good to celebrate company connection to be jumped over earlier. For instance " 51 " such bridal busy season, marriage the price that celebrates a service follows the change of supply demand relations possibly also and go up raise. ● is fond of smoke wedding feast

Do not want a make effort at the last moment, make good budget ahead of schedule. Option market is hit lose sales promotion when batch is bought, if can be come up against " buy send one " , this one can save half money. Foreign wine of provide for oneself, fruit, cigarette, candied, before mighting as well, order toward jobber place. Pack as to what be fond of candy, new people is completely OK oneself first the bulk chocolate that the choose and buy is the same as sample card, recommit marriage celebrates a company to be packed according to the favorite case that pack, candy of such every happy event can be saved 0.3 - 0.5 yuan, gross is bigger, managing more.
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