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The new people that walks along an assembly room to book this one pace is right type of the bridal ceremony in ideal, assembly room and bridal budget already had a basic idea. Before considering specific assembly room, allow new people to answer above all the situation of number of the form of ceremony of wedding of draw the outline of, guest, charge and hotel, assembly room. It is when the conception of bridal ceremony in your brain one pace apply colours to a drawing is clear when coming out, let us book an assembly room together!

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  Define assembly room field

  1, field of certain assembly room

The heat that year season is bridal date chooses time, but the height that also is match of activity of a lot of business, sports; Xia Dong is bridal and off-season, it is each big company year the fastigium of conference of medium, year end. New people should affirm whether favorite assembly room place is available not only, affirm whether because the come and causes cost of busy season drifts,wedding day had certain project that day even.

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 Certain course type covers a department

  2, certain course type covers a department

The number that dish type covers department price and guest will decide wedding is estimated finally price interval. Banquet of Chinese style marriage is calculated with desk number, the different price of the difference according to class of assembly room environment, atmosphere, star and dish type upgrades ceaselessly; Western-style marriage banquet is calculated with the number, chase class to increase by degrees according to the different price of dish type, if use,buffet can have the restriction of lowermost number more.

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 The assembly room arranges plan
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