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Abdominous bride picks the standard of marriage gauze
Live together to marry again first to city men and women what be new issue, however, the circumstance upgrades somewhat recently. A boss of marriage gauze inn says to the reporter, current, the circumstance that is pregnant to marry again first seems to compare "Popular" . This paragraph of him time one batch had been recieved in marriage gauze inn " abdominous "Bride, girth of some new a form of address for one's wife are too big, do counterjumper and tailor are very impracticably.


The phenomenon is pregnant 6 months also want to wear marriage gauze

Common saying says " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , northward autumn is the fastigium that holds wedding. Do marriage gauze business the Tang Dynasty the boss tells a reporter, ten pregnant new a form of address for one's wife were recieved in inn August, just arrived in September do not have a few days, came to 3 again. "Accurate mom " in the center, be pregnant two weeks with least month, most already 6 months. Have a plenty of bridegroom for company to come, have a plenty of family member for company to come, returning some is two good friends unexpectedly first pregnant remarries, accompany will carry marriage gauze. Face counterjumper, these new a form of address for one's wife do not abstain from the pregnancy that talks about oneselfProblem, still meet enquire a bosom actively to mom class counterjumperPregnancyA lot of problem between.

Demand   loose style Greek marriage gauze is popular

It is " abdominous "BrideChild carry marriage gauze and change marriage gauze, but difficult bad counterjumper. Meeting specially highlights design of gauze of a lot of marriage the gentle and graceful figure of new a form of address for one's wife, compare for instance
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