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Close-fitting " warm darling " unfavorable and optional stick

Yesterday, the reporter collected 3 kinds of brands " warm darling " , japan produces a kind, shanghai produces a kind, henan produces a kind. Open a packet, tear apart to grow 12 centimeters, 9 centimeters wide small plaster of the left and right sides, stick in abdomen, passed 10 minutes to feel abdomen is burned badly about, feel small plaster with the hand, exterior temperature achieved 50 ℃ about.

The reporter sees on the bag that pack, "Warm darling " composition is colophony of iron pink, wood pink, activated carbon, salt, water, vermiculite, water imbibition. Say highest temperature can achieve 63 ℃ on the bag that pack. The thing that these ordinary looking how can so does in a steady stream deliver quantity of heat ceaselessly?

Zhao Yan of director of division of physiotherapy of massage of the hospital in Hubei province introduces, in " pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China " have account, wait for the angelica, the root of fangfeng, grass that show character Chinese traditional medicine is right amount and abrade, rejoin activated carbon, sodium chloride mix, but dispel the wind comes loose cold, invigorate the circulation of blood is acetanilide. "Warm darling " it is this principle, this is old prescription. But if configuration is unreasonable, cause microtherm scald possibly also.

Pregnant woman and child cannot be used

Yesterday, the reporter sees in the supermarket, also have pregnant woman, old people enquiring this kind of product.

On the product bag that limited company of some nucleus industry produces Henan, only composition is reached " cannot stick on the skin directly " clew; On this kind of product bag that produces in Shanghai, writing pregnant woman clearly to ban with, children and disable personage, skin weakness personage is banned with, circulation of diabetic, blood is bad to wait for not quite sensitive to temperature change personage to ban with. Can be sales promotion of spot neither one member make these reminding to the client.

In Wuhan university south Liao Weijing of director of hospital rehabilitation division teachs the introduction, if this product is used at physiotherapy, time shoulds not be commonly more than 20 minutes, because long high temperature may make human body is harmed, especially pelvic cavity place. Everyman if will sticking full whole body also cannot be taken, this kind warms oneself means goes against human body fight cold function. Have some of product that quality involves nevertheless especially, scale configuration is undeserved also can cause a problem.

Sun Guojiang of obstetric vice director says courtyard of health care of women and children, pregnant woman cannot use this product, if stick place to the uterus, bring about uterine systole probably, cause fetal deformation, premature delivery. Xu Haiqing of director of division of health care of this courtyard children thinks, dot cannot be used more, this kind of product may cause microtherm scald, the skin with delicate children does not bear.
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