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Choose the unsuccessful case when marriage banquet field
Marriage banquet it may be said is the one big main component in whole wedding, choose marriage banquet field so very major decided whether marriage banquet is successful, a few failure case when choosing an assembly room introduce below, have analysis and proposal, consult for everybody.
Choose the unsuccessful case when marriage banquet field

1. The field that order is not quite big

Mastering the method with guest best amount is affirm repeatedly beforehand suffer those who invite a person to attend a circumstance, be in the floating control of the number as far as possible average 1 person controls 1 desk, such facilitating that wedding attempered that day. Additional, the assembly room below empty buy condition, on the vision very comfortable connect fully, but bridal that day after guest sitting, the space that adds between the desk and chair, the passageway of the obligate between adjacent desk, the shape size of table itself and put position can affect the position of integral space, also should consider inside.

2. The hotel serves difference

Serving quality is a when build atmosphere of bridal assembly room main factor. The hotel serves division of adjusting control of unripe, music, hotel the service that door child is providing different level etc, make the weak environment of bridal spot.

So, beforehand sufficient communication appears particularly necessary. For instance, shift to an earlier date and rhythm of the explains serving when class manager technological process that day, speed; Tell him tuner the music of need to atmosphere is waited a moment ahead of schedule, should notice.

3. Assembly room traffic is no-go

Bridal assembly room chooses a sector of an area of traffic advantage, extend in all directions as far as possible, can utmost ground is convenient guest. If the assembly room of the choice is not everybody is particularly familiar, the proposal indicates to cross access line feasibly on invitation. If be,wedding is held in out-of-the-way villa, had better have arranged beforehand in downtown receive send special.

  4. Taste of assembly room dish not beautiful

Civilian it is a day in order to feed, "Delicious " one of main index that are assembly room choice. Proposal or choice can satisfy the dish of most guest taste. Formally is OK and some richer, notice the collocation of color and buccal colour, avoid is particularly excitant and slant the food of the door. What ensure food choosing expects even is fresh with sanitation, prevent to freeze too much goods in stock and treatment are rough.
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