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Marry to look surely: On marriage banquet propose a toast counterm

On marriage banquet, new personality proposes a toast to guest, dot smoke, pare candy is cannot little flow. Especially when the guest is more, every guest drinks on one cup with new personality, calculating bridegroom is magnanimity also is not fought. A lot of more pardonable bridegroom is right bridal that evening impression is drunk lethargy, this is not the night of a perfect newly-married really.

As to propose a toast this link, although not be main content, but the one part that it also is bridal ceremony. Alleged propose a toast, still included " respect " word, smoke need not be nodded, wine still wants to respect.

A n experienced person of a lot of people expresses to this but, also some of person thought up countermeasure, summed up, very practical really, the newlywed person that is about to face this to close can consult:

1. Propose a toast the content that around must arrange a be concerned about, when after proposing a toast, announce, around should have echo, tell everybody to propose a toast end us what to do even what, please everybody expects, otherwise a lot of people can want to eat a meal can go with respect to thing of it doesn't matter, still not be troubled by. But if announce after passing, the face still has be concerned about in public,should announce, still a lot of content want to undertake, so the person that attends wedding won't throw into confusion your bridal process.

2. Let photography photograph resemble following prison, the machine has been worn, tendency is taken, say with guest next, all of us is lifted together cup, leave this precious scene, this everybody below the cameraman cameraman record that asks us chooses the moment of a cup of congratulation with new personality, serve as the argument that invites complete desk to stand up in order to take camera lens, the family also feels embarrassed commonly refuse, camera lens has been patted, take a seat please, new personality goes the person is.

3. If two people really deeply if wine force is bad also to refuse, made great efforts on wine only:

● liquor

① add water

First the wine teem in bottle major, stay probably the 3 centimeters or so tall wine of bottle. Be sure to keep in mind not to empty, if do not have flavour of a bit wine, wear a band very easily. Next fill enters clear water, do not use tap water. Tap water can have small hubble-bubble, looking is not wine, want fill plain boiled water so or be and so on of clean water, mineral water.

Prepare two bottles " liquor " , in case insufficient.

Besides a matron of honour that accompany man, do not let others meet those two bottles of special alcoholic drink.

The mainest is, the appearance that drinks very hard should be put on intentionally when drinking.

② Xue Bi is replaced

If if feel Bai Shui is easier,wear a band, do not hang because of plain boiled water cup. Still a method uses deflate of snow green jade namely, it is certainly be about to put in the evening before today.
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