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The bride is in marry what to should notice that day

Your wedding has entered insecurity to time, for a short while you do not know you are in marry what to should do that day, so much guest should be recieved, so much ceremony should be abided by, so much multifarious business even you worry about, the bride that as wedding millions of people fixed eyes upon that day, marry one day this what is what should you do most?

As the bride, you this day likelihood all issues are arranged by other, it is you in lifetime most a day when lose ego. Of the political party for whole wedding undertake, you should let all people feel your joy, satisfy and proud, fitful blank and insecurity can appear in your heart, it is not quite good that appetite meets the likelihood, but be sure to keep in mind breakfast to cannot omit, had better eat the syrup poached eggs of Chinese tradition, both neither difficult pharynx, won't because make,you want " convenient " one fall and absent. If breakfast leave out does not eat, lengthy bridal meeting makes you very tired out and lose the bride's due luster.

Bridal shoe: General bride can choose before marry take a few wear with bridal spot the shoe with suitable costume, if you are attentive bride,affirmative meeting buys shoe the formal attire with you is very suitably. Here gives you a hint, when you are buying shoe not only should notice design and color, should notice comfortable sex more, because of what marry that day, the bride is heroine from beginning to end, you need to standing for long to accompany a visitor, take two pairs of shoes because of forgetting, former and OK when in be being used at festooned vehicle, coming out, wear with, because guests are in,contend for those who see you fragrant look. Should enter the spot, after wedding begins can transhipment of through cargo, this not only can " is kind to him " . Will tell to the guest also have friendly feeling. Additional, did not forget to take some of silk socks more, via avoiding busy in piece " hole " .

Bridal red bag: The metropolis when Chinese bride marries encounters the problem of red bag, the bride is first the red package that you may receive all sorts of close friends to give you, these red bags should have closed one by one and appropriate is saved. Because beatific word often can be written have clear full name and amount in red bag, not littery. At the same time some brides also can send junior guest a few send a present in return, these recompense should shift to an earlier date to had been wrapped according to may present guest. Hand by person specially assigned for a task the bride distributes them. This thing nots allow to ignore, overflow otherwise wait for, someone goes to admit when kissing, you can be at a loss hurriedly, this often can suffer kin people comment causes needless claver. Anyhow preparation wedding is very trival thing, wedding always is tradition and contemporary photograph union, of traditional nation always is the most beautiful, everything omited also is not true Chinese wedding. Bridegroom is urgent and necessary: There is a bridegroom here urgent equipment forgets to stick person send you, which bridegroom does not embrace the bride of people on one's own side? This moving occasion lets every guest's factitious become enamoured, appear when wedding is medium when the bridegroom that holding a bride in the arms, the Xiaogao that often is bridal activity is wet.
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