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Have a meal much mastication can increase memory
A lot of people know to have a meal to nibble slow pharynx is helpful for intestines and stomach digesting already, it is the tweak that prevents get fat. Actually, the profit that has a meal to chew more is distant still more than these, japanese Qi mounds the in chewing the society is studying discovery of the university, sufferred the person that try to chew only two minutes food, the correct rate that answers a question increased than ever 30% . This masticatory behavior that means dichotomy bell as a result makes memory got rising.

Researcher discovery, chew ministry of can exciting head is in charge of the part of memory. The cell of sea horse area of cerebral ministry, namely the part of administer study, can increase as age and ebb, short-term memory also can ebb. And the active sex that masticatory movement can increase cell of sea horse area, prevent its ageing. England college researcher confirms Nuosenbuliya likewise, much mastication can expedite heart campaign, make cerebral ministry hormonal secrete grow in quantity, thereby thinking ability and memory also rise subsequently.

In addition, mastication still can urge a person salivary, and salivary area and memory and study are in charge of having affinity in cerebrum. Accordingly, the gargle after the many mastication when having a meal, meal, often knock at tine, can help enhance cerebral vigor. To children, much mastication can promote cerebrum growth, young conduces to in improve work efficiency, and it is precaution to the advantage of old people cerebrum ageing and old age are gawkish.

So, do every eat to want mastication readily how many times had better? Mound according to Japanese Qi the masticatory society expert of the university introduces, a food chews via 20 at least in the mouth, ability gets saliva gives us brought debt, if can be achieved 30 times better. But a lot of people have a meal voracious already became a custom, at a draught slow pharynx of instead to nibble has difficulty very much, or forgot insensibly, or is not chewed with respect to pharynx go down.

To such person, can try to be added more in meal a few have the food that chews a head, be in for example cook when boiling congee, can join all sorts of corn, oaten, earthnut, walnutmeat, sesame seed, legume to wait appropriately; When fried dish or dish of cold and dressed with sause, do not abandon the stem that a few have the vegetable that chew a head or leaf, wait like shepherd's purse, celery, spinach, Chinese cabbage, three-colored amaranth, OK still use the nut of and so on of chestnut, melon seeds; Like the person of Bao soup, might as well lotus root of the much kelp that put a drop, lotus, have nutrition already, have again chew a head.

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