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Honeymoon period bridegroom should notice nutrient complement
During newly-married honeymoon, the physical power that the male consumes and need are additional nutrition slightly over wife. Accordingly, everyday prandial medium nutrition complements and allocate should notice: 1. Compensatory and enough albumen (albumen complement product, albumen complement information) qualitative (protein product, protein information) . In total quantity of heat enough premise falls, daily and prandial in should complement more high grade protein. Eat egg of shrimp of some of lean lean, fish, birds and bean products to be helpful for the male synthesizing seminal fluid more.    2. vitamin (vitamin product, vitamin information) complement wants a balance. Product of A of vitamin A(vitamin, vitamin A information) , B, C, E absorb want a balance, especially product of E of vitamin E(vitamin, vitamin E information) can adjust sexual function, have the effect that adds seminal vigor, should notice complement.   3. Mineral food cannot little. Other food can be united in wedlock to eat a few kelp, laver, agaric and bone soup at the same time during honeymoon, among them calcic (filling calcium product, filling calcium information) compensatory and daily cannot under 700 milligram, the phenomenon with lumbago, throbbing brothers can appear a few times after sex otherwise. Below probable condition, best and daily the food that eats and so on of a few bean curd, soya-bean milk, dried small shrimps, sesame paste, iron (filling iron product, filling iron information) after lack can bring about sex, appear the phenomenon with tired, faint, asthma, cadaverous complexion. In addition, phosphor, zinc (filling zinc product, filling zinc information) , the microelement such as sulfur, chromic, Selenium (microelement product, microelement information) the material of seminal still composition, have special effect to arousing spermatozoon vitality, these composition can be absorbed in animal and greenery vegetable.

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