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Vegetable fruit discharges poisonous food pop chart
Many food itself have the function that fights toxin of pollution, clear blood, platoon.


The colloid composition in kelp can promote the eduction of fluid of make water of radioactivity material be accompanying inside body outside body, reduce the radioactivity material accumulation inside body thereby.

Gram soup

Gram sex is cold, but fire of clear hot alexipharmic dispel, the drinkable beautiful that is fall of summer of our country vast area is tasted. Constant drinkable can help excrete the toxin inside body, the normal metabolization of stimulative airframe. Gram learns in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in it is to often use those who dissolve a variety of food or drug poisoning blindly Chinese traditional medicine.


Can be united in wedlock with heavy metal mercury, outside making system of new material eduction.


The special class status in garlic can make the chroma of the lead inside body drops.


Can help excrete body endotoxin, the normal metabolization of stimulative airframe.

Some fruits also can help you wash poison of bowel, platoon, different fruit discharges different poison.


Cannot the fruit discharging poison of oversight, quantity of heat is not high, and contain vitamin C again. In natural treatment, strawberry can use method of clean stomach bowel, solid and hepatic. Nevertheless, to the person with aspirin allergy and bad function of intestines and stomach, unfavorable edible.


Very valuable natural medicine is fed. The pulp of cherry can purify toxin and feculent humoral, discharge poison to have the auxiliary effect that comparative to the kidney consequently, still have gentle aperient effect at the same time. When the choice, best choice fruits is full the strong, cherry that contains green stalk.


The modena grape that can eat all the year round almost now, also have a poisonous effect. It can help composition of the mucus inside bowel, help liver, bowel, stomach, kidney is cleared the rubbish inside body. The little weakness of only is quantity of heat a bit tall, 40 grapes are equivalent to the quantity of heat of 2 apples.


If be afraid of fat, the apple is right choice. Besides rich prandial fiber, the half lactose aldehydic acid that it contains is very helpful to discharging poison, and pectic can avoid food to corrupt inside bowel. When selecting an apple, did not forget to often change the malic variety of different color, the effect is better.

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