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Myopic accurate mom is unfavorable glasses of the form that wear concealed
Be in invisible in the adorn person of glasses, the female held great majority. But glasses of form of female Dai Yin has a few special demands however, if be in,special physiology period does not suit glasses of the form that wear concealed. Optometry of city ophthalmic hospital matchs lens center Director Li Lihua to remind a female to should stop glasses of the form that wear concealed to be able to choose frame glasses in pregnancy, period and the turn of life.
She says, the woman is secreted in the hormone inside bosom pregnancy body produce change, special be pregnant finally 3 months, secrete as a result of progestational hormone, estrogen exuberant, pregnant woman can appear oedema symptom, oedema place includes cornea, this also is to be pregnant eyelid of later period woman often intumescent reason. Adorn before pregnant right now appropriate invisible lens, as a result of corneal oedema, lens and cornea are stuck together closely, the permeability of lens is reduced, affected corneal nutrition supply, if continue,adorn the new heart's-blood that can bring about corneal and anoxic, corneal injury or occurrence influence eyesight is in charge of. Additional, return the possibility that can raise ulcerous sex keratitis, serious can cause eyesight to drop, even blindness.
It is next should not be inside menses glasses of the form that wear concealed. The woman is in period or when prophylactic is being used first, also have and conceive pregnant woman's similar hormone to secrete change. Additional, the woman is in period intraocular pressure is higher, eye week congests more easily. Right now eye ministry organizes resistance to drop, invisible glasses cleanness does not produce keratitis disease easily thoroughly.
The 3rd it is female of the turn of life glasses of form of unfavorable Dai Yin. After the woman enters the turn of life, estrogen is secreted decrease, suffer from xerophthalmia easily. And invisible glasses lens has a fatal weak point is to be able to make eye appearance water content is reduced, because woman of this the turn of life wears concealed,form glasses is caused more easily or aggravating xerophthalmia. If adorn for a long time,still can cause there is an eyewinker to feel inside the eye, serious person can wear away corneal injury eyesight.

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