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The 10 big danger signal of excessive exhaustion how Shu Jie pressure
Business company on September 16 dispatch if your body issues a few warning, must notice to rest! Recently, england is senior and healthy Neiersi expresses expert Henry • , excessive exhaustion is Mondayish not merely, have a headache, still have a few otherer early-warning. Domestic and international expert puts forward the following kinds of danger signal:
1.30—50 year old the person is potbellied, it is mature mark, also be the spouse of tall blood fat, fatty liver, hypertension, coronary heart disease.
2. lose one's hair, spot is bald, early bald. Wash sauna to one pile hair falls off every time, this is actuating pressure be caused by of insecurity of big, spirit.
3. goes again and again closet. The age is in 30—40 year old between, excrete a frequency to exceed normal person, explain digestion and urology begin decline.
4. function force drops. Middleaged person appears prematurely lumbar acerbity leg painful, sexual desire drops or amenorrhoea, it is the first signal that body whole ebbs.
5. memory drops, forget friend name.
Worse and worse of ability of 6. mental arithmetic.
7. works to often regret, dominate a sentiment irritable, be agitated, pessimisticly, hard.
8. attention is not centered, center the ability worse and worse of energy.
9. sack time is shorter and shorter, awake to also feel not recover from fatigue.
10. often headaches, tinnitus, dazzled, the examination also does not have a result.
Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine how Shu Jie pressure?
1) psychological health care
Doctor of intermediate Wei bridge says: The pressure of “ modern is much by mental insecurity, the mood is undesirable be caused by, because this asks to reduce an appetite, keep calm. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks mood Shu Fayou is spent, when happy criterion happy event, when anger criterion anger, reaching from time to time is too not quitePreserve one's healthpath. ”
Contrary “ not thing and greet first, go already and still be reluctant to leave ” more most injury body.
2) work and rest should have the law
Person and nature are interlinked, the yin and yang of human body is followed change day and night, accordingly the ancients believes sunrise and make, day is entered and cease. Modern Morpheus is insufficient, be short of for a long time sleep, become harmHealthymain reason.
Because the organ is moved,have definite pattern rhythm, long the lifestyle that developmental place forms had certain law, maintain conditional reflex of the organ and rhythm, daily life has constant. If long unusual life style, health is damaged.
3) foodBalanced
Doctor of traditional Chinese medicineLearn to think, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, flesh of vegetables and fruits kind, embedded the five flavors (acerbity, suffering, pleasant, laborious, salty) elite, balanced absorb, function of the five internal organs is balanced, human performance ability is healthy.
In addition, food wants diversification, abound better more. But, not be to eat and drink too much, lest the body is fat, subsequently and come diabetic, HypertensiveReach coronary heart disease.
4) strike a proper balance between work and rest
After working, perspire slightly, feel fatigue slightly, after resting recoverable physical strength; Do not want excessive work with one's mind or brains, labor and room service.
Contrary, love ease and hate work, do not doMotion, meeting waste time hurts healthy atmosphere. Alleged long lie to enrage, sedentary injury flesh.
5) ego recuperation
The clerk works for long in air conditioning room, because actuating pressure creates the body unwell, can passAcupuncture pointEgo is pressed feel and guide bring a law to recuperate.
Ego is pressed feeling is to use big toe abdomen to press pressure bilateral inside close acupuncture point and acupuncture point adding up to cereal; Guide making rule is to sit on the chair, loosen all over, both hands is flagging, purify distracting thoughts, meaning Shou Dantian, abdominal (inspiratory when abdominal apophysis, expiratory when abdomen caves, run 5 minutes every time.
6) seasonable recuperation
What pressure causes is unwell, mix for functional hyperfunction nothing more than drop. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine considers as gas blood inadequacy, yin and yang is maladjusted. The Yao in using is recuperated, yin and yang enrages blood to connect evenly, can ease pressure.
Functional hyperfunction, it is heat symptom-complex more, a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood. With have diarrhoea law. And function drops, it is empty disease more, symptoms caused by cold factors. Use reinforcing method. Into fill.

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