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Autumnal air blood closes to should raise shade at this moment from extroversion
Business company on September 13 dispatch autumn fallen leaves when, the gas blood that is a person from outside to inside when closing, at this moment the mainest internal organs of the body inside the person's the five internal organs is lung, lobar gas is interlinked with autumn gas. What effect does lobar gas have? It has drain hair and fast falling action, it can make your gas blood successful the ground from outside to inside go, so this process is enraged with lung direct and relevant.
To in the winter when, the gas blood of human body arrives completely inside, at this moment wintry gas and kidney gas are interlinked.
The place on put together is narrated, according to the point of view that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns, qiu Dong kidney of lung of two season correspondence two viscera, these two viscera and Qiu Dong two season are direct and relevant. Preserve one's healthWant change of comply with the four seasons.
Autumn gas and lobar gas are interlinked, the autumn is to enrage blood to go to li of season that go, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells lung advocate manage a division, the gas blood that can help you from outside toward in close. To the autumn when, bit of Qiu Li eats to cream when I persuade everybody to go to the lavatory, what effect does it have? Everybody knows, the golden gas of pear is the heaviest, the autumn gas of pear also is the heaviest, you see pear be spent going out is white, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells “ white to enter lobar ” . Pear has embellish lung, stop thirsty action, can enter lobar classics, conduce to gas blood fast fall, the gas blood that helps people from outside to inside go.
To in the winter when, heavy snow seal a moutain pass, gas blood arrives inside, at this moment the good time that as it happens is take a tonic to build up health, be just like a tree to want winter irritation, it is because of nutrition namely inside, water giving a point can be absorbed quickly. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says to filling again in the winter kidney, male comrade is given priority to with energy spirit, can eat kidney of deficient of bolus of bit of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia, gold to enrage bolus according to his body state; To female comrade, be in especially the female comrade before the turn of life, be in again enrich the blood, I suggest these female comrades take a bit donkey-hide gelatin, big jujube, walnutmeat, rock candy, cream their make it shape is taken; Crossed the female comrade of the turn of life, can use bolus of bit of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia to fill kidney, because enrage blood to arrive inside at that time,went, have these nourishing things, it can carry adequately change, complement enrages blood, the spring that is the coming year prepares.
The medicine in us calls method of this preserve one's health Chun Xia to raise this world, qiu Dong raises shade, this is the alimentary method that in our body function normal circumstance issues. If you say summer,I caught a cold, or I caught a cold in the winter, at that time medicaments of such take good care of sb was about to be used less, when giving out heat because of human body, human body energy rises andDiseaseMake a fight, if you eat,go in at that time after a lot of nutrition, bad inside body luck is changed. Doctor of traditional Chinese medicineThe avoid certain food that say basically is in this two season, in avoid certain food when, do not eat invigorator of so much grow, waited for a cold to go, cough went, you eat then again. If we undertake preserve one's health according to this kind of law that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says, I want to be afraid the odds of go to the bad is small much.
Common people often says: “ winter is not cold, summer is not hot, morning and evening should sit ill. Because ” winter enrages blood to shut Tibet, store nutrition, the unripe hair that is next year ready-made. “ winter does not hide essence of life, spring surely ” of ill acute communicable diseases, do not store well in the winter shade essence, spring when heat up sexual disease easily. Pore is in out-of-the-way condition when the winter is cold, conduce to gas blood adduction, pore is open when summer is hot, conduce to gas blood going outside. People now summer for fear that is not cold, winter for fear that is not hot, this violates the law, the tree opened beautiful likelihood one year twice to won't do with respect to work. (Fan Zhenglun)

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