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Lin Qingxia talks about marital recipe
Chinese moviedom forever giant star Lin Qingxia, made the central point that everybody fixes eyes upon once more recently, she what do not pass breath photograph, it is the identity with lay Buddhist this change associated wedding to hold the position of in Buddha of law beat hill on invitation preside over a wedding ceremony person. Place oneself at 70 pairs of new personality in the center, although Lin Qingxia is not the leading role of celebration, but her what ocean of a suit white installs still temperamental nobility is conspicuous, she also is shared with experience of 10 years of matrimony and everybody, it is with the husband expensive, the word of quote husband reminds newlywed person, hold together marriage leans not merely " bear " , return so that digest all unpleasantness, each other grow each other.

The place that Lin Qingxia roused hill Buddha to change associated wedding to the law early in the morning yesterday, center of activity of sword pool youth, of the woman in holding the position of wedding preside over a wedding ceremony person. Should preside over a wedding ceremony for the first time the person's Lin Qingxia expresses, she is to answer of master emperor severe rabbi invite attend this activity, spend the day of the great rejoicing of life in all with a lot of new personality, feel already excited happy.

When deliver a speech, lin Qingxia and everybody share her marital result. She says, marriage is a big science, also be a kind of art, what a lot of people think hold together marriage leans is " bear " word, but her gentleman says however, it is insufficient that light relies on to bear, not the unpleasantness in wanting to be able to digest the life, happy. Lin Qingxia still points out, 2004 is she marries 10 years this year, she also blesses all new personality to be mixed she is same, spend hand in hand jointly make 10 years many.

Lin Qingxia ever attended law Gu Shanjing in October 2000 Ying Chanxiu battalion, because agree with what the law rouses hill " interior environmental protection " concept, rabbi of Yu Shengyan of the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist. Be in when holy severe rabbi went to Hong Kong to make a speech 2002, hold the position of spot honoured guest, the deep meditation that also joined a law to rouse hill in August last year 2 activities, the law predestined relationship that rouses hill with the law is solid. She is special yesterday belt write big daughter Xing Ailin to attend bridal activity, but the daughter appears not publicly.

As a result of avowed exit moviedom long already, do not wish to resemble it is like actor before media exposure, when combining wedding because of attending Buddha to change this yesterday, lin Qingxia rouses the public relations personnel of hill to express the desire that excuse oneself from interviews through the law first, the attitude is low-key. Face media to ask a question, she smiles likely. Closing with all new personality nevertheless when illuminating, lin Qingxia however very cooperate, many people see her this extremely red temporarily big star is before and cry piece " Lin Qingxia " when, she also anounces a smile, often still spend lovelily beside kid child.
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