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The happy marital detail with misfortune

After marriage a year, of honeymoon sweet already vanished completely; The date that expect is heated up before marriage, already was replaced by frequent cold war place; Receive the jade hand of the rose before, already was tormented coarsely by boiler shovel, mop and dishcloth; The sweet composition of the move often waves in the home, already was replaced by the heavy sound place that throw the door and goes.

Remembered a word that says on the book: If marriage gambles. True, bet only face-off just knows on the desk is be defeated is to win; Man, should be the same as a bed with him in all after boiler, just know he is person or cacodaemon, bum.

Last year the autumn, with his in succession cold war of a few days. I what be full of exhaustion to marriage returned a married woman's parents' home, living is a many month. Pa Mom persuades me to say, every can have contradiction to husband and wife, want a bit more good-tempered, go back to get along well. But I cannot persuade myself, make to marital boredom I escape his thought is more and more intense.

Meantime he everyday a phone, want me to come home, say the home already unlike home. My heart is in forced smile, should not answer me when the home thing, force I left the taste that the home just knows kitchen clear boiler is cold, just know to not have wife unlike home.

Eve of the Mid-autumn Festival, he came, want me to come home with him, say the month is round mid-autumn, 10 thousand reunite. Begin to return character of thin tone kind, seem idea having regret, saying, be stimulated by my inhospitality, he scruples no longer is to be in my parents home, evil language of loud be mingled with.

"So big red-letter day, you do not go back, do not be in charge the home namely. Do not be in charge the home namely..

"I am do not be in charge the home. I regard the home as hotel, free hotel, still regard you as clerk, cook freely to me, sweep the floor, wash the dress. " I am saying irony coldly.

"You see you... say whats take thorn, injury person does not see blood. Injury person does not see blood..

"You say rightly. But I did not ask you to come again, it is you come to quarrel... "

"Pa Mom, she loves willfully make a trouble, I come earnestly and sincerely obviously... "

See his evil person bring a lawsuit against first, I am old complain new rage to emerge again mind, say sturdily: "It is my fault, I am lazy, my persist unreasonably, we walked along each road to calculate each. We walked along each road to calculate each..

He dumbstrucks. On the neck raised blue veins, be about to say to not have language.

at that time, 2 aunts sent moon cake to come. Middleaged funeral husband, all the time 2 aunts see solitary this case, laughing ground says: "Good, it is really good to quarrel! See you have frame noisy, I special envy, -- I want to the individual comes very much for company is noisy, but want not to come. But want not to come..
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