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Each days when manage marriage attentively
The marriage before marrying is beautiful dream, what resemble the description in fairy tale world is same: Prince and princess live happy life from now on. Yearning for one evening really is the beauty of hundred years story happening is on him body, it is OK to think of with the person that love each other each other stay together clinking happiness. Perhaps every woman girlhood was full of romantic fantasy to marriage.
Register married the agreement that marriage is beauty, got a marriage certificate to have legal effect according to the habit but still do not calculate without powwow marry formally. Maintaining the temperature of be passionately in love, still was full of longing to the life, bright red marriage certificate gave each other a permanent consent, life had a kind of attributive feeling it seems that.
Conjugal day marriage is happy fountainhead, I believe all people can experience us to send the happy feeling from the heart, I wrote down what must marry to encountered in restaurant that day " foreigner " , he walks over to say designedly " you are really beautiful " , I think that beauty results from probably the happiness of my bottom of the heart. Up-to-date often see conjugal newlywed person, the happy place that I can be gotten on to be permeated with by their face is touched.
Independent life marriage became the march that builds a family, basin of gourd ladle of bowl of the fuel that loves Chao Li, boiler was given by love apply colours to a drawing a romance. The home grows stealthily below an eave, we began real life, began completely of the five flavors in the kitchen for the first time " battle " , begin to care the charge with gas, warm water for the first time, a small home comes off from original great master come out, one builds the fossa that gets his with love.
Had child marriage to become the classroom of 3 personal growth, a home begins to become complete, as the child grown we were comprehended " responsibility " meaning, not only learn to each other care and be taken care of still learned to take care of family. To give the child a blue sky that is full of love, we learned self-surrender, those who knew love give.
I and marriage are brought up together, with respect to the Chun Xiaqiu winter that resembles one year, marriage also is having the view of the four seasons in different level. Marital church I am good-tempered with tolerance, I love church with by love, left countless joys and sorrows of life to me but have the memory with boundless aftertaste. I am unthinkable still now the child is one day big remain only grey-haired we the two case when, a course that because I cannot foretell,marriage plans to us can be what content. Manage marriage what I can do exclusively attentively namely, be in each days.

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