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Marriage resembles venture capital investment

Be the same as with me age cummer people the man that can speak a series of items to tell you what is to should be married, actually these are hind word, at the outset our elder also says to us so, but who listens,go in! Once had seen first gear program in TV, the honored guest asked 4 famous person at that time, among them one is gentleman of bark of Chinese volleyball famous general. Compere asks them " why should marry " when, because see the person all round married,someone says, someone says to feel to should arrive marry the age, someone still says in a word of · of · of · of · · · , miss heard feeling without me namely, if ask is me, I can tell host: "Because I encountered the person that is worth entrust all one's life, be worth to be not the person that he does not marry. " my constant admonishs the cummer beside people: "Remember, to what age, do what business. Conjugal season arrived when, must not miss. Must not miss..

The husband of cummer Shan Shan is a famous entrepreneur. But be in 20 old before, they are the undergraduates that just graduate, did not have powerful connections, without tiring-room, aimless, without gold, hit can barehandedly only go all out, dreaming to look for a better than having station outlet. In those days social ethos, when marrying, the man should go a lot of money to marry the woman, just place ostentation and extravagance to place of what. But the class hour in going up, shan Shan is clear: Shan Shan is clear:: Diamondthe naked eye with real absolutely impersonal value can differentiate, better thing does not have valence more! " so they such " muddleheaded " go, without any ceremonies, also neither one is so called wedding anniversary.

Love from Tan Lian up to now, shan Shan sees marital cause againer than hers, shan Shan never has abandoned assiduous, but remind oneself from beginning to end in the heart, the career is the man's dignity, want him only absorption job, do not want extravagant hopes too much. On the career, shan Shan gave marital freedom the space of development. Although rise and fall rises to fall on marital career, but go up in journey of this one hardships, shan Shan has no half to complain almost. She does not think she has how great, and the devoir that thinks this is a wife should be fulfilled.

In the meantime, shan him Shan also works hard, and the range that early enters a director. Be born in succession in children hind, shan Shan experienced tremendous painful choice, abandoned beloved career, regression arrived in the family, absorbedly photograph husband godchild.

When two people just marry, the person beside worries about poor they can go much further, still feel Shan Shan does not have eye too. Now, they changed to the evaluation of Shan Shan, what transmit by the side of ear is: "You but really lucky, look for a so good man to marry! You but true good luck, search can earn money the man that raises you lives! " this is the reality that how your person finds both funny and annoying!
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