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Wife and short message of opposite sex colleague are frequent

Week forest shake is yellow Bei person, this year 28 years old. He and classics of all previous of wife Li Yao love long-distance running of two years, because the accident is gravid, held spousal hurriedly in October 2001. After two months, two people greeted the crystallization of love.

As the son be brought up slowly, discovery of week forest shake is small oneself wife of two years old and oneself appear not quite synchronous. Week forest shake says, he arrives alertly the change of the wife began October from last year, the short message of the wife is particularly much, examine minutely every time, the wife always answers a colleague to be contacted for working thing, "Have what job, when going to work, do not say, came off work to say again even? " week forest shake feels very strange, he attentive still goes up to the mobile phone of the wife alertly, appear often same a telephone number.

Ask a wife again, gotten result still is " a colleague " . Week forest shake stated to the behavior of the wife him huge is malcontent, he hopes the wife can reduce the connection with the colleague, but effects is very small.

This year August, after week forest shake and Li Yao discuss, two people use to civil administration branch do finish marriage to register formalities. But book of one first wedding anniversary did not give up the doubts and suspicions of week of Lin Zhen mind, he thinks the wife still is persist one's old ways, "With the opposite sex the colleague still has interacted close, the stability of place family at disregarding. The stability of place family at disregarding..

This year in October, week forest shake submits divorce petition to court of yellow Bei district, different idea divorces after the court on Li Yao the accused, state all for no reason that are the husband suspicious, before oneself and husband hold wedding, concern to come and go with this male colleague because of the job more, the association of two people is regular human contact all the time.

Reporter yesterday all, court of yellow Bei district forbids two people to divorce definitely at trying recently.

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