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" Chinese type marries " but in the essence that witnesses marriag

For the person that had not married to, looked " Chinese type marries " still fear to marry a bit really. Early had heard of, be in China, marrying is two the individual's things not just sometimes, also be the thing of love not just, saw this drama anthology understand this reason more: Marry, it is two the individual's things only not just, still matter to two households that their body manages.

Ground of success will come when conditions are ripe of this pair of lovers wants original hero Ding Hao and heroine Luo Jia marry, but numerous contradiction is abrupt between one night on float surface, the man's aunt is dissatisfactory, the woman's mom has resentment, be about to become the two family of relatives by marriage, contradiction also came out. Ding Hao dare be not scolded the message of mother-in-law tell family, also do not let Luo Jia come, lest wears a band. And the mood that Luo Jia also understands Ding Hao, but, scold mother-in-law the property of this thing itself is serious, ding Hao must apologize. Upgrade to do not let contradiction, luo Jia is hard in crack deal with... eventually, two people respecting part company. Such result actually very true, because sometimes love is before reality, it is limp really. Fortunately final final result is the lover becomes spouses eventually, love still holds to, more or less to give me such single young person a bit confidence. I think, certainly as similar as family of Luo Jia, fourth grand audience sits before the television, plainting they 2 people the road of the marriage of dodder along, but do not know whether they realize, themselves perhaps can have become the actual prototype of family of hero of male and female in the future.

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