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Esteem privacy
Yesterday, the reporter understands from Zhengzhou citizen political situation, this year the end of the year, registry office of 16 marriage of Zhengzhou city registers implementation marriage room and divorce to register room depart.

To respect party individual privacy, reflect a person this concept, ego province was issued in March " the announcement that hall of province civil administration registers mechanism standardization to build window unit about choosing complete province marriage " since, to achieve " the illicit close space that provides independence for the party of each pairs of conduction divorces " standard, current, registry office of Zhengzhou city major marriage already realized depart of the place that register.

Office management of society of civil administration bureau is in plum section chief says: "Executing depart is a trend, also be human nature those who change a service is specific reflect, we will be in whole town at the end of the year cent sets 16 marriage registry office marry, the divorce room that register.

Additional as we have learned, each marriage registry office will perfect Zhengzhou city to queue up or call date the system further, make serve more human nature is changed. Up to this year the end of the year, the each marriage mechanism that register wants cent to set expect a division, marry the archives of the area that register, divorce area that register, marriage that register, make marriage registers a service to be perfected further.

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