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The enterprise has no right to restrict female worker to marry to
"Because the job needs, female employee 3 years cannotMarry, forbid 5 years to give birth to the child... " this is market of weather of city of north of Chongqing river north in contract of choose and employ persons of one communication company additional orders of a company. Southwest this yearUniversityAlthough Li Na of this year's graduates feels this kind of regulation is very absurd, but in 8 units interview again and again after be rebuffed, must sign this contract against one's will. (On November 23 " Chongqing business signs up for " ) look, have illegal law to a few enterprises " earthy policy " , need to clear seriously really.
Chongqing this communication company " byelaw " relevant content of the regulation, put in obvious illegal question. Specific involve disobey " marriage law " , " woman children rights and interests protects a law " with what be about to carry out "Labor contractLaw " . The citizen achieves legal marriage the right that the marriage law when age marriage gifts, the enterprise has no right to give apparently limitation; The birth power company of married woman also has no right to interfere, and inBe pregnant, bear and lactation ought to be protected; "Female employee cannot marry 3 years, forbid 5 years to give birth to the child " , also have apparently be contrary to provision of our country law.
In the meantime, such regulation also violates the enterprise to often manage. Work to fear an effect, do not let family marriage to finish marriage age, the family does not let bear when should be being borne, is this too unnatural? Birth child should say to the job a bit influence also is done not have not actual of course, but this kind of influence is brief, also avoid hard. NowadaysProfessionFemale, all one's life also with respect to this. Want, where individual is mother one's own? The female produces the one part that also is human society production, it is the need that human society admits normally, limitative female bears the right, violate the humanitarian of at least.
A few enterprises can be made so piece similar unnatural " earthy policy " , one is legal idea thin. Tell from particular significance, market economy is legal economy, and the enterprise that regards the market as main body needs to know a way more abide by the law. 2 it is branch of our country relevant function executes the law dimension power strength is insufficient. Current, the state that talent and labour market appeared to be begged for be more than, cause a few enterprises to feel
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