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The try out since Shanghai next year " marry register promulgate c
A pair of young lovers, deal with with half hours marry register, prepare royal wedding with time of half an year, such story lives daily in us in common occurance. Held yesterday afternoon " domestic harmony and society develop " on academic seminar, management of marriage of bureau of Shanghai civil administration grows Zhou Jixiang to divulge everywhere, plant to change this " light register, heavy form " the current situation, begin from next year, shanghai will be carried out stage by stage " marry register promulgate card system " , hope new people is worn full-dress, below the testimony of bilateral parents and close friends, serious, earnest ground is finished marry the flow that register.

New system accepts freewill principle

According to introducing, "Marry register promulgate card system " will spread out stage by stage on pilot foundation. Current, the marriage of Min travel area that the area exceeds 1500 square metre is registered promulgate card center already began construction, predict next year investment was used April. Marry register promulgate card system will act on freewill principle, basically be the young newlywed person that is aimed at first marriage.
New marriage is registered promulgate card center is cent two large area, do not be willing to hold promulgate the new personality of card ceremony, can register flow by active marriage; Be willing to hold promulgate the new personality of card ceremony, can make an appointment ahead of schedule marry register promulgate card time, concerned branch will be offerred for them a warmth, bright, capacious promulgate card hall.
It is reported, in research and try out " marry register promulgate card system " in the process, shanghai drew lessons from the practice of Hong Kong and other places. Be in Hong Kong, new people is wearing business suit and marriage gauze, civil marriage is dealt with below close friends' testimony, already made a view of Victoria bay.

■ the view aims to enhance marital family sense of responsibility

Zhou Jixiang tells a reporter, carry out " marry register promulgate card system " , it is to raise the legal consciousness of marital party, enhance the sense of responsibility of marital family. Zhou Jixiang explanation says, a lot of new personality value marriage banquet, register to marrying overlook however, before still having slipper of new personality dress before a few years even, will marry registry office is dealt with marry register. This kind of law order that registers this gravity to marrying is extremely lax the practice of respectful, also be current one of main reasons that house of rate of divorce of young husband and wife does not leave high. If have a pair of young party, do not marry to handle a divorce to 3 months, the reason is the woman dislikes the man " do not have money, drive too fast, do not know nice person " .

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