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System of free pre-marital check-ups is implemented since next yea

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Rose on January 1 from next year, examination of the medicine before free marriage is executed inside whole town limits without stannic general.

Without stannic municipal government 20 days of held press conferences disclose, both sides of every men and women or one party census register are in without stannum, the party of both sides of male and female that registering without stannic marriage, can enjoying service of free marriage check without stannum. According to free marriage check of main item establish, the funds level that determines project of free marriage check is person of 125 yuan of / , that is to say examination of the medicine before every can enjoy the free marriage of 250 yuan of standards to newlywed.

What apply since October 1, 2003 is new " marriage registers regulation " , cancelled compulsive marriage check. However, marriage check is led and marriage check number also declines considerably subsequently, in the meantime, be born defect occurence rate begins to rise. Concerned data shows, rate of examination of the medicine before the marriage of the city that do not have stannum falls by the 95 % above before 2003 5 % is not worth when lowest. And close phase is born without stannic city the unripe level of the hair that monitor of blemish is in all the time 9. 54 ‰ - 13. Between 23 ‰ , the birth that prep above Jiangsu saves of blemish monitor a level on average (Jiangsu province is 8. 92 ‰ ) , and have ascendant tendency. Concern personage introduction according to having stannic city health bureau, the blemish that is born every year without stannum have 400 about, have 1 on average everyday namely blemish be born.

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