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Civil administration job will enter science to change development
On January 7, civil administration ministry holds civil administration ministerial standard to change committee of experts and decrease calamity to provide disaster relief wait for committee of 4 standardization technology to establish plenary session. The conference established civil administration ministerial standard to change committee of experts and whole nation to decrease calamity to provide disaster relief, deliverance of society of provisionality of social welfare service, city, marriage celebrates marriage interpose to wait for committee of 4 standardization technology. Plum minister establishing a country attends the meeting and make a speech. He points out, of these standardization technology committee and committee of experts hold water, it is an important matter in work of construction of civil administration standardization, standard of level, sufficient to raising civil administration to standardize the job further play supports safeguard action in technology of developing of civil administration career, have very important sense.
The undersecretary emphasizes Li Li country, civil administration standardizes construction, it is one concerns overall situation, influence to start sexual work long-termly. Strengthen civil administration to standardize the job, it is safeguard it is rights and interests of target of civil administration job, good to fulfill " solve the people's livelihood, fulfil civil rights, maintain civilian interest " the inevitable choice of duty; It is to rise include rehabilitation the product of auxiliary appliance, industry of civil administration characteristic that reduces things of things of mark of calamity things providing disaster relief, place name, funeral and interment to wait inside the quality, important step that enhances international competition ability; It is to strengthen civil administration benefit of public service quality, raise civil administration management to specialization pressing requirement of the level. Civil administration standard belongs to category of public service territory mostly, include social welfare already service of service, social deliverance service, safeguard of give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen, decrease calamity to provide disaster relief service, community service and beneficent and volunteer service, include place name again public service, children is foster service, rehabilitation complementary service, marriage is registered and marriage celebrate service of marriage interpose service, funeral and interment to wait. These serve the standard of the domain, with the interest be closely bound up of people, party and governmental height take seriously, civil administration ministry special care, social all circles pays close attention to extensively.

Li Li country the undersecretary asks, standardization committee of experts and technical committee must be below leader of civil administration department, in national level appoint below guidance, with the manner that is in charge of highly, in order to reform the spirit of innovation, carry out seriously " with civilian for this, strand for civilian solution, for civilian service " concept of core of civil administration job, compose of with a view to builds socialistic harmony society to need actually to what civil administration enterprise develops, expand the pressing demand that works to standardization according to civil administration career, make full use of civil administration system and force of other society scientific research, strengthen civil administration to standardize basic research in the round, strive to pass a certain number of year hard, build and perfect key is scientific and outstanding, reasonable, mandatory standard and recommend sexual level location is exact, national level, occupation standard is mutual and harmonious, standard of basic standard, method standard, establishment, product standard, service standard, administration level, duty standard, safe level, wholesome standard, environmental protection standard, construction standard is covered suitably, conform basically with system of international relative standard, can support the standard system that civil administration enterprise develops. The conduct propaganda that system of countrywide civil administration wants to take standardization seriously to work highly and carry out, strengthen standardization to carry out strength, strive to carry out executive relevant specification through each business domain, urge whole civil administration the job and standardization of civil administration career, specialization, science changes development.
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