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Publish measure to limit the bridal scope that use a car
Rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, the luxurious wedding of of all kinds large-scale, big battle array, big ostentation and extravagance appears often. Recently, liaoning one wealthy businessman marries employed 38 bold Ma Yue

Wild car and 8 abundant field are strong comprised a nearly 200 meters long motorcade, bridal expenditure exceeds 1 million yuan. This mirrorred people income to increase on a level, corporeal standard of living

rise, but this kind of luxurious wedding at the same time abet also vie blindly socially, the undesirable ethos of extravagant waste.

Current, marriage celebrating car of firm take on lease is to press commonly collect fees, hold wedding is about to cost thousands of yuan to get on 10 thousand yuan even with the car only, the traffic fare of luxurious wedding is more astronomical. These money are final it is by conjugal men and women both sides is assumed, exorbitant and undoubted meeting affects bridal cost the life after newlywed marriage. Too long motorcade travel is on the road, be personal question not just, bridal motorcade takes up the society is communal resource, affect traffic order, also be lack social morality consciousness reflect. In the meantime, marriage the wedding that celebrates a company uses a car is privately more very change one's costume or dress violate compasses car, immediate also impact is opposite to policeman branch the management that violates compasses car.

Appear personally by the government build corresponding regulations system, give in a certain quantity of the bridal motorcade of less than passes through with road the convenience condition that go up, adopt measure to restrict its to pass through conversely, achieve the goal that encourages bridal motorcade miniaturization thereby. Door of the Ministry of Communication adds a highway to the road executes the law and coordinate strength, increase to changing his costume or dress illegally the blow strength of car, coordinate the relation of very bridal motorcade and public traffic. Active conduct propaganda advocates media economical and novel wedding, watch education through socialistic honour or disgrace, make people establishs laborious and economical thought concept, accomplish self-consciously do not parade his wealth, the good society atmosphere that does not vie.

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