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Big public house of Qinghai holiday dynasty
Store section: 54 main streets of city of Qinghai province Xining on the west road
Connect a telephone call: 0971-6362222
Newest public praise is worth: 26 Into be stationed in time: 2008-04-01
Historical public praise is worth: 0 Business hours: 09:00-21:00
Brief introduction

Big public house of Qinghai holiday dynasty is a collect washs hairdressing of bath, guest room, meal, recreational, peace and happiness, fitness, act art wait for a project to be an organic whole, total business acreage achieves 25000 more than square metre, invest on 100 million yuan of RMBs, it is at present 5 provinces are the same as northwest highest, actual strength invests in type hotel one of public houses of omnibus recreational business affairs with the strongest, the biggest dimensions. This hotel is located in 54 main streets of Xining city on the west road 48, have guest room of luxurious president flatlet, standard, bath area guest room to wait add up to 232, basically distributing to reach 12 in 5. . . . . .

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