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Big public house of Xining god flourishing
Store section: Road of Qinghai Xining the Yangtse River
Connect a telephone call: 0971-8201111
Newest public praise is worth: 228 Into be stationed in time: 2008-04-01
Historical public praise is worth: 0 Business hours: 09:00-21:00
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Banquet hall
Hundred years close very much
Be fond of knot happy match

Brief introduction

International is famous the group that group of enterprise flourishing flourishing is development of a diversity, investment field arrives by onefold food all sorts of commerce, include the flourishing flourishing hospital of medical treatment industry, serve the chain hotel facilities of the domain, law seeks advice and recreational fitness, have in meal course of study carbonado earth up confect snack chain. In addition, still have the field such as estate, agriculture. Was by choose of FORBES GLOBAL of magazine of world authoritative finance 2002 the whole world year turnover 10 beautiful are outstanding under 500 million dollar one of enterprises.
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