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Hotel of Qinghai holiday dynasty
Exterior of hotel of Qinghai holiday dynasty
The exterior
Public house of Qinghai holiday dynasty is big
Guest room of hotel of Qinghai holiday dynasty
Guest room
Hotel of Qinghai holiday dynasty is achieve a market that in be filled with estate of family of Beijing of investment group limited company, Shaanxi to develop limited company, Shaanxi, limited company of can contemporary business affairs invests build jointly to wash bath, guest room, meal, recreational, peace and happiness, fitness, hairdressing by Qinghai, act art wait for a project to be an organic whole, total business acreage achieves 25000 more than square metre, invest on 100 million yuan of RMBs, it is hotel of an omnibus recreational business affairs.
Hotel of Qinghai holiday dynasty has guest room of luxurious president flatlet, standard, bath area guest room to wait, basically distributing to reach 12 in 4, decorate inside whole guest room and content (with) article all ask to configure by hotel standard, the room installs glazed cable broadband, can satisfy the office requirement of business trip personage adequately.
Hotel of Qinghai holiday dynasty still sets health of business affairs center, bathhouse room of center, tea art, perform art hall and bar, it is to be engaged in business affairs, conference, recreational, recreational optimal choice.
  • 2006 practice
  • Address: 54 aves 48
  • Postcode: 810000
  • Phone: 0971-6362222, 0971-6312333
  • Fax: 0971-6365321

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