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Qinghai is collected found a state hotel
Qinghai is collected found a state hotel exterior
The exterior
Qinghai is collected found a state the public house is big
Qinghai is collected found a state hotel guest room
Guest room
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Qinghai is collected found a state the hotel is located in Xining city town east the area founds a state road and July 1 road are handed in collect place, railway station of male crouch Xining, station, communication is very easy. The hotel collects a group development, construction by Qinghai, investment amount is close 200 million yuan of RMB; Collect a group housing to always contract one class aptitude, be judged 3 years to be Qinghai province and estate of Xining city “ to develop form of star of advanced company ” , “ continuously ” of pay taxes door and pay taxes of “ Xining city are advanced the title such as enterprise ” .
Qinghai is collected found a state the public house is built with modern dimensions design, service standard and quality govern continue to use Beijing head brigade founds a state level of management of hotel management group and mode, of the hotel decorate reach establishment of form a complete set to be in provincial and subject top-ranking, provide safe, comfortable, easy accommodation environment for the guest. The hotel embraces bounty of some area of luxurious guest room, furniture is elegant, contemporary vogue holds adornment decorate concurrently a district and ethical characteristic, have business affairs sheet, double bed, between sheet of luxurious business affairs, double bed, and all sorts of luxurious flatlet respectful greet Your Exllency to choose to stay.
Qinghai is collected found a state big, medium, small auditorium owns the hotel system of advanced high-tech image sound, will reveal you to span every time successful wonderful!
Qinghai is collected found a state the hotel sets many dining-room, public house, an old hall - Ou Luo, the environment is beautiful, style is decorous. Hall of 2 Chinese meal - the center that collect a predestined relationship, advocate dish of dish of battalion seafood, Bao Chi, another name for Guangdong Province, raise of the Huaihe River, plain dish, place dish. Hall of three-layer Western-style food - Kamandeluo, let you enjoy Western-style romance, experience pure exoticism. Noble of three-layer ad hoc hides banquet hall - Xue Yumei, feed the way to keep in good health that fill, the song and dance Tibetan type that has amorous feelings alone accompanies a banquet, 1000 kinds of flavor, use up amid. Dot of beauty of cate of wine of cate of Chinese and Western, name, north and south, dainty 100 flavour, the service of quiet and tastefully laid out environment, overflow, concentration reflected the dietary culture of the hotel. Each dining-room designs the hotel not to provide craftsmanship, adornment, decorate only beautiful poetic flavour, leisurely of have dinner environment is elegant comfortable, sweet and romantic, it is clique of business affairs fete, happy get-together adding up to the home, birthday right, sweethearts makes an appointment, the friend dines together on of beautiful anthology.
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