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Originate in Xining restaurant
Originate in Xining restaurant exterior
The exterior
Originate in Xining hotel is old
Originate in Xining hotel guest room
Guest room
Originate restaurant is located in Qinghai to visit business of town of provincial capital Xining and traffic core region in Xining. Those who get a power first, those who enjoy business energy of life is thick, be in nearly with Xining railway station very close, the airport goes east expedite and undoubted, all hold climate favourable geographical position.
Originate guest room of medium, high-rise is set inside meal merchant building in Xining, can satisfy the requirement of all circles personage, to rush about the travel of business of China and foreign countries of each district offers comfortable, happy person, convenient guest room to serve, restaurant sets 300 people 11 layers muti_function hall and 50 people assembly room 2, extraordinary style is shown in decorating elegance, the space is capacious, use is extensive, also provide establishment of of all kinds and sophisticated science and technology and professional conference service, be located in 3, 4 in originate dining-room can recieve 600 people to dine at the same time, guesthouse has luxurious banquet hall, hall of luxurious honoured guest is covered, between honoured guest, all set rest area and card pull OK dot to call a system. Building of restaurant main body and in-house adornment all design of out a person of academic or artistic distinction, the elegant wind that uses up the Liu Gongting that show Europe model, come here, immediateness experiences the service of the reception of fine meaning and sincerity, make every guest feel be just as bath to be in warm warm sunshine.
  • 2002 practice Decorated 2003
  • Address: Woods alley 1
  • Postcode: 810007
  • Phone: 0971-7111888, 0971-8171888
  • Fax: 0971-7111999

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