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Dear, let me prepare a special wedding for you

2008, the meaning is profound. Great Beijing Olympic Games, it is among them one part only. To the Chinese, marry ——— is another the most important name.

2008 it is god-given good time, men and women of more broad on August 8, 2008 youth marries the big auspicious day of first selection, can calls “ this century only this momently ” , the meaning is profound. According to not complete count, the whole nation has 100 thousand pairs of newlywed person at least, the plan was registered one day this on August 8, 2008. Why the trendy wedding that can we imprint all one's life to our prepare?

Let below small make up the originality wedding that takes you to savour a few having sth new together.

(One) alone is beautiful piece ——— beach is bridal

■ trendy leading role: Wang La and small Wei

Wang La, manager of public relations of company of some foreign capital, small Wei, college fellow student of Wang La, copartner of atelier of Beijing some design. Two people are in love 7 years, repaired 2007 eventually if really. Wang La, with a lot of girls, like to daydream. Very small when a royal beach wedding can be held in beautiful Maldives with respect to the dream. The summer last year, he wove the dream of this strange unreal for her. They invite a good friend to held extravagant beach wedding.

“ blue ” is the theme with this royal absolutely wedding. Blue sky, la Hai, blue conch, blue bewitching female singer, the bride of beauty of … of blue month cocktail is wearing marriage gauze of blue, stepping on sea of barefoot, look out, skirt dance flies upwards, there is light of great capacity between humid air sweet. Card of brimless sea ancient bronze mirror is worn ” of their “ a solemn pledge of love. Wen Wan's dusk, below firework of full night blue, she says ———“ to him I am willing. I love you! ”

■ happy keyword: Luo Mandi is overcome

■ sweetness is small stick person: Atmosphere is very important

1. With beach wedding tie-in can says perfect nature is self-help marriage banquet. Relaxed and comfortable, unrestrained buffet added boundless pleasure to beach wedding.

2. Had better imprint on invitation the design such as Shanghai star, conch, letting a guest look to know this is a romantic beach wedding, expect for it.

3. If there was arrangement of the activity on a few waters in wedding that day, make clear mobile project on invitation without fail please.

4. Did not forget in bridal cake jacket acts the role of the design of surfy, conch and sea star, blue of flat perhaps make it, ocean bridal theme is reflected adequately.

5. A few interesting crowd are joined in wedding sanded fort match or it is beach volleyball the can better interactive sex that enhances the spot and arouse guest sentiment.

6. The radiate of the ultraviolet ray of beach is very strong, accordingly, before loving beautiful bride to undertake in wedding, do not forget begin to remember things makes things pledges tall preventing basks in a product first.

■ classical recommend: Dalian of blame of place of wedding of domestic optimal beach, Qingdao, 3 inferior, power sea not is counted. As to abroad, maldives, Okinawa is this island, Aegean it is absolutely classical.

(2) cruel is handsome piece ——— is black and white and bridal

Without doubt, to oneself wedding, everybody is unavoidable to have time look forward to. Want a condition to allow only, do wedding to compare someone else more dazzle, more cruel, more extraordinary, the marriage that became public figures of a lot of new fighting spirit dreams. What the introduction wants below is a pair distinctive the Hong Kong couple that goes alone and their black and white wedding.

■ trendy leading role: Michael and Michael of person of Michael madam Hong Kong are an avant-courier adman, his wedding chooses to be held in Chinese old hotel. The theme names for “ black with white ” . Everything of the spot has ——— of two kinds of color only black with white! Michael says, black with it is the cleanest color on the world in vain. Not the the purest, most full-bodied, implicit, not promiscuous, black with white confluence, mean two people to close thoroughly for an organic whole.

On this distinctive black and white wedding, all mobile things color have only black with white. White antependium, black cloth chair, white milk, black chocolate, white brandy, black cocktail, porcelain dish of white, black tableware, personnel of all field service is worn outfit only black with white. All honored guests that be invited can wear black and white dress to attend only. Bridal leading role, bridegroom Michael nature is a suit black business suit, company dress waves the Michael madam of a white marriage gauze receives everybody to bless. Who says black and white the delegate that is funeral only? Fast 22 centuries, dry become even antique? Classical black and white, want to match comfortably only, match purely. More wonderful than any color.

■ happy keyword: Distinctive go alone

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