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Marriage of Shanghai beginning of spring celebrates dog of market big flourishin
Shanghai person Wang Zhan ran recently a lot of hotel, restaurant, want to look for already substantial, not disgraceful place holds wedding. This still has some of difficulty really. Price of banquet of a lot of places is not expensive, substantial. As to the place of be able to pass, good time also is ordered mostly. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, wang Zhan found a satisfactory restaurant finally. Feast is in surely on April 1, just meet Saturday. At the appointed time, his life will lift new one page.

Folk has superstition “ chicken year without spring do not marry ” . Chicken the dog after year year, because this was lifted,one marries upsurge. Shanghai marriage celebrates guild secretary-general Helen to told recently " daily of the first finance and economics " , this association is booked according to the hotel, marriage celebrate book wait for circumstance estimation, the new personality of Shanghai marriage predicts to grow 15%~20% than last year this year.
Hotel of fast star class: Every desk carries marriage banquet valence 300 yuan two
The reporter is random and draw-out hotel of 5 5 stars class of Shanghai and hotel of class of 5 4 stars, call its banquet to sell a ministry in turn, discover many hotel “ 11 ” of 51 ” , “ marry this kind popular date already was ordered full, and of annual book lead really good past year.
Shanghai builds banquet of state guest house to sell a lady of the ministry to tell a reporter, the marriage banquet first half of the year does not order this public house basically already this year. In addition, opposite last year marriage banquet lowest every desk 2288 yuan standard, the price this year adjusts this hotel for lowest every desk 2588 yuan.
In addition, the marriage banquet price of Shanghai Jing Anbin house also is on the foundation last year, 200 yuan are moved on every desk. When why reporter inquiry moves price, gotten answer is “ everybody went up ” .
Shanghai travels appoint newest data shows, at present a total of hotel of fast star class of 4 astral above of Shanghai 65. And average and annual, shanghai has 120 thousand pairs of new personality to enter marital hall about. Sortie Shanghai marriage celebrates the market already Yao Wei of senior and bridal emcee says to the reporter, the banqueting hall air of hotel of fast star class and beautiful, it is the first selection that a lot of new personality hold marriage dinner, amount of hotel of Dan Gaoxing class is limited, the banqueting hall of the hotel also won't too much, so annual popular day ” orders the “ of hotel of Gao Xing class harder actually, and marrier is relatively more this year, because the marriage banquet of hotel of this fast star class is more rare also,was short of.
Pluralistic emcee: Somebody already received the bill October
On January 25, yao Wei and his friend —— a flock of is in Shanghai is small the senior and bridal emcee of famous gas people gather. They also are the pluralistic instructor that Shanghai marriage celebrates guild at the same time. This, their check 2005, look into at the same time 2006. From 2004 since the bottom, this emcee group that the name is ” of stage of “ name a person for a particular job meets nonskedly, discuss the concept that wedding upholds together, communicate respective result.
Mr Li tells the initiator of ” of stage of “ name a person for a particular job the reporter, several days ago, his mother returns those who get a person to hold in the palm, make him empty give the some day November, go chairing a wedding. Constant young lady also says one of members of ” of stage of “ name a person for a particular job, she had received the bill this year October. She says, the situation is pretty good this year, she can hold well certainly.
Nevertheless, these emcee that there is ” of position of certain “ all corners of the country in industry do not wish to receive long-dated bill commonly. Include them inside, the emcee of Shanghai 90% be a part-time job. Because be afraid that own job needs to be away on official business or have other unforeseen event, to be opposite accordingly the guest is in charge of, they receive the bill of 3 months less than only commonly.
Marriage celebrate a company: Warm up but not blowout
Celebrate a company as to the marriage of —— of another essential industry of marital economy, according to reporter investigation, because measure of this kind of company grows ceaselessly, because of this each business not blowout.
The flower is married happy shop is Shanghai's biggest marriage celebrates one continuous line to serve one of companies. This company brand popularizes personnel Mu Liying to express to the reporter, although the wedding day this year already was ordered full, but in former years also is such, because judge a dog very hard this now year marriage celebrate a service to have very big growth than gallinaceous annual meeting. And, now marriage celebrate a company much, new personality won't resemble shifting to an earlier date in that way before half an year is booked, often shift to an earlier date only 2 months left and right sides. Mu Liying expresses at the same time, the market this year should be betterer than last year, and look from whole, it is better year by year that the marriage of Shanghai celebrates the market.
The fierce young lady of Shanghai marriage service center also tells a reporter: The person that “ will come to seek advice is more than last year, but book quantity and photograph of the corresponding period is not older than change last year. ”
Rose bride marriage celebrates the tall gentleman of the company and likeness of Mu Liying view, this company first half of the year book quantity and about the same last year. Tall gentleman expresses at the same time, marriage celebrate a company whether draw newlywed person, one of keys are the bridal plan division that has had. This part is equivalent to bridal whole journey directing, need has multinomial quality, search harder. Accordingly, marriage the business that celebrates a company not only should rely on ” of “ good long time, rely on oneself actual strength even.
Shanghai marriage economy: Reason grows and not mad
The situation that covers from the reporter looks, dog year although the bridal economy of Shanghai presents growth state, but more rational, the possibility that ” of “ blowout type increases is not large.
Said conjugal Wang Zhan on April 1, he did not plan to ask professional emcee —— he feels to do not have necessary, look for a friend to did compere to go.
Miss Cui goes to work in company of a foreign capital, just decorated good bridal chamber, preparation marries this year, but had not reserved a hotel. She feels, price moderate, a bit better restaurant is OK, need not go hotel of fast star class, she also does not plan to pat marriage gauze to illuminate.
Nevertheless, shanghai marriage celebrates the market this cake is very big still. Shanghai marriage celebrates the data that guild secretary-general Helen provides to show, the house property, expense that decorates a respect does not calculate, every pairs of Shanghai new personality are used at conjugal charge to be controlled on average in 150 thousand yuan, include marriage celebrate service, dress, get articles for use of Buddhist monastic discipline, household to wait. Annual, the marriage of Shanghai celebrates expenditure to be as high as 15 billion yuan, and still be in steady growth.
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Hangzhou: Banquet of every desk marriage goes up at most 1100 yuan
Hangzhou the hotel of above of class of 10 4 stars, 6 hotels adjusted marriage banquet price recently, among them 4 rise in price directly, the fiercest every desk goes up 1100 yuan. In addition, restaurant of sweet case lira rolled out the banquet of marriage of two shelf high price that every desk mixes 3888 yuan 3288 yuan, cancelled every desk 1388 yuan low banquet. Controller of guesthouse looking at a lake expresses, 3~5 month the marriage banquet on the weekend is completely full. House of west lake state guest in March, May on the weekend, National Day golden week and mantissa take the date of 8 to already was ordered full. (According to Hangzhou " city wall bulletin " )
Shenyang: Shadow building first quarter repletion
“ dog year marry the symptom of difficult ” already was shown in Shenyang. Shenyang is average every month already planned every hotel banquet of 78 odd marriage, the marriage gauze first quarter takes many shadow floors program already also was discharged full. Some marriage celebrates company controller to say, this company Feburary, the business March has been discharged full. (According to " distant Shenyang evening paper " )
Changsha: Marriage gauze is illuminated queue up to book
In Changsha, marriage gauze is illuminated should queue up to book, many good cameraman already were appointed to make an appointment by new personality. The marriage banquet of a few guesthouse, hotel already was discharged this year in October. Many hotels had begun 89 months to receive last year book a phone

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