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On March 18 the auspicious of fine celestial bodies of bridal bridegroom day
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Marry to want to choose ” of day of auspicious of “ fine celestial bodies of course, 2006 be thought by everybody the most auspicious day was on March 18 first quarter.

Because “ was March, on Saturday, the traditional Chinese calendar in Feburary 19, the Gregorian calendar on March 18, all and auspicious number Dou Zhanquan, so new people likes particularly. A marriage celebrates ” the staff member of the company says, up to now, march 18 is they receive marriage celebration gift one day most this year, had booked 339 pairs, “3 month we book the celebration 18 days that day early full, a lot of new personality must adjourn on March 19, the result also followed fire to rise on March 19. ”

On the west all the way the counterjumper introduction of inn of gauze of a marriage, they had given gauze of more than 100 marriage to was booked on March 18, many marriage gauze are in ——— of condition of out of stock to be able to try only now, cannot sell, also cannot hire, because remain a sample only. On the west all the way other inn of gauze of a few marriage also is similar situation, the newlywed person that held wedding March is not little, inn of gauze of a marriage sells a gauze of more than 200 marriage inside a day unexpectedly.

Want to ordered a public house that day on March 18, almost impossible now ——— before a many month, the hotel that suits to held marriage dinner that day is booked by new people already one sky. But new people is not crestfallen, cannot hold in the hotel change other place, must catch this auspicious day. A marriage celebrates the staff member introduction of the company, to can catch the auspicious day that day, someone changed wedding in the evening, someone changes in go vacationing the village holds bender wedding, still somebody is flat it is outdoor hold lawn wedding.

It is good of course that day of auspicious of fine celestial bodies holds wedding, but if everybody admits,allow this one day, the person that holds wedding that day is sure and numerous, all sorts of services make the issue that folding also is fire of nest letting a person accordingly, want wedding significant, all sorts of fete, birthday appears more appropriate. Ma Yu of trainee of Sha of Cui of our newspaper reporter

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