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"Golden September and silver October" has always been the peak of the wedding, especially in October this year, "good day" special than a few couples choose to tie the knot at this time. Reporter learned from the city's many hotels, almost every day Golden Week "good day", too busy on the new man, also "make sure that" these businesses in Xining.

Hotel pack the house

October 3, the reporter from the city's many hotels, the hotel learned since entering the National Day holiday, the hotel where the wedding very full every day. "October 1 to 7 days, wedding reception here every day and, like today, four of the couple the same time slot here in our wedding. This year the National Day holiday period chosen too many couples get married, the hall here every two weeks or one month in advance reservations, please. "Xining station building octagonal house ordering the staff said. Similarly, some other hotels in the city, restaurants, during the National Day in advance of the seats are also booked two weeks prior to the light, and even some new 2 months in advance to book a wedding. According to report, and now the price of wedding table from 680-1300 yuan range, the new people in the choice of wedding when the grade gradually Chushoubufan.

Hot "bad" Wedding Etiquette

Peak by the impact of marriage during the National Day, Xining City, the wedding industry is also extremely hot. According to reports, many wedding companies almost every day during the National Day business, especially the wedding host and wedding car than the number of times last month, an increase of nearly 1.

According to a staff of wedding company, and now new details of the wedding requirements increase, the general will ask companies to layout a professional wedding banquet scene. Former is more Shaman, flowers and the like, and now own the customer requires a unique wedding, wedding site layout of fireworks, LED large screen. "Now marriage is not simply, eat a meal, they pay more attention to the entire wedding process. During the wedding there will be a variety of games and performances, created a lively, festive atmosphere."

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