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Marriage customs of ancient Wanzhou
Old Wanzhou (now Manning) rich in nuts, friends and family contacts, non-betel nut is not for the ceremony. To dry and much less this thing is not the wedding, the media do gang up at the beginning, will send betel nuts, tea, and old leaves to the woman home. The rich to prosper in the silver box. Sheng, followed by tin box, wrapped the poor to send color Pa, in the Yueqin process, if the woman promised by the longest seniority, first to open boxes, accounting for one. Is the fixed ceremony. The saying goes; where women employed by a home. Called "eat a betel nut's." According to the Ming Dynasty "is Deqiong Taiwan Chi; reads:" This custom extension can be seen, this custom of eating betel nuts are in the Ming Dynasty Pat, Pat has been about six or seven hundred years. "This is the first step of marriage. Called "fixed ceremony." The second step is "satisfied that the currency." This need to send a gift to the female point of silver dollars at home, according to the man with no fixed number of financial size, and sometimes also according to the woman's opinion. The nature of these gifts is a bride price. At the same time, to years for boys and girls, written on red paper, call your fortune teller projections. Called "joint life," whether male and female life "which overcomes", if not of grams, you can become engaged. Popular that the "charge life (also written" pressure life "), also called" and Pa "," and marriage '. The third step is called "Please pick an auspicious period." Can choose an auspicious date for the wedding is the preparation work. We try to send the dowry. Sent the rich gold and silver jewelry. Poor to send money and goods. Some send bracelets, but also to send rice, sending pigs, wine and other food delivery. These gifts are associated more and getting married. Because married women need to ask relatives and neighbors the same drink. Date of marriage made by the man generally, the woman sent to parents by the matchmaker for comment. If the woman is not the funeral home or re-turn of events, generally can not refuse, vulgar that the "free day." Marriage must, you can not easily changed. The fourth is called "marriage." The bride must take a sedan chair, carried only eight people to be lucky. Escorting the groom will be to women at home. And requested the octave (band (Chuichuidada very busy, both men and women are friends and family banquet, we must first betel nuts off to smoke tobacco, then eat and drink to congratulate, give money for the ceremony, known as called "nerve." How much to send, called "the number of nerve to do." ancient wedding ceremony is much more complicated than it is today. tired to death the bride and groom, the bride to the groom's family after the first Baizu Xian tablets, because ancestral tablets on the table surface is usually in the lobby of God, the bride sat north, so Bai Zuxian also called "Baitang '. After a couple weddings higher status and formally established. Baitang line Sanguijiukou first gift, a personal master of ceremonies to guide. and then eat in class" wine co-registration. "groom sit south of the bride sit north. the woman from the people and water to wash and groom, man and water to the bride from the hands of people. exposing the bride and groom gently with chopsticks "Meng's first" make the bride to drink. drink three glasses of it. to late into the bridal chamber cohabitation. the next day. couples to lobby on both Meet the Parents groom This is called "out of worship." to the third day, the bride and groom to the woman home, Meet Yuezhang mother, this is called "back door. At this point, the whole process of engagement to marry to all end here. In addition, the engagement to marry, there is another called the "free section" of the cases. Third year is the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival. Some gifts to the woman the man is usually wine, rice, pork, cakes and the like. The woman will return a gift or two, said Dali. Otherwise it is subject to public condemnation, and some even affect the marriage process, so this section of the ceremony to send is indispensable. Now engaged to marry a very short time, so far seems to follow the old custom of marriage between men and women of the customs.
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