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Hefei regulate marriage registries wedding services
Complained twice to cancel the service eligibility The oath of marriage, many couples will experience "to be photographed": standing on stage sworn oath, the audience has a camera has been "Kacha Kacha" ringing off the hook, and other sworn staff until after the end of this, just sworn When you take pictures, pay, then you can take the photo album made, and a picture of the costs are not low. The "robbery" Some people really depressed. Recently, the city has enacted regulations that, for the marriage registration office set up for the wedding service agencies arbitrary charges, and other acts to further regulate enforcement services. Informed before the first photo Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau, the Director of Social Services, said high light levels, marriage has always been a very solemn oath thing, of course, some couples need someone to help take pictures, but before the wedding photo services must first inform the couple, can not let new people sleepwalk " be photographed, "" be voluntary. " For wedding services after such an act must be resolutely put an end to high-light-ping told reporters that new people must be willing in the circumstances, to provide a new camera this service. First note the price charged Xiaocheng in public view, take a picture when the oath was indeed Tingyou sense, but "honest, do not say the quality of their photographs and clarity of how the picture is not cheap." It is understood that the marriage registration office in Hefei Yaohai, so the value of 30 yuan a photo, a lot of new people will choose at least two or three. For this type of behavior, Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau requested the establishment of the Wedding Marriage Registry service fees to services and prices clearly inform new people, make new clearly consumption, we must firmly resist the induction of consumption. Current prices to drop 20% High light-ping told reporters, wedding services in addition to specific services and prices charged, the wedding service charges on the basis of the price decline in the current 20%. If the Marriage Registry in accordance with previously Yaohai 30 yuan a photo of the charges, after, or can be reduced to 24 yuan / Zhang. Complaint will be disqualified 2 Although the civil affairs department has issued a clear request, but if a lot of wedding service providers still steal shot, so new experience "is voluntary", the public can make complaints of such acts. High light level, said the wedding service on the arbitrary charges, compulsory service act, the public can call the complaint hotline 12345. If the wedding service complaints once the civil affairs department after a check and found to be true, the civil affairs departments require their wedding services business for rectification for 3 months; if a wedding service and effective complaint occurred twice verified, the civil affairs department wedding services directly to cancel service eligibility.
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