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Athens Olympian ever It is an old hymn, the original Civilization in Europe in the long banshee siren listen to beautiful songs; it was a ancient history, the ancient Acropolis in the Aegean Sea with the graceful and slowly extend each other. Teana is not Vienna, not Paris, the romantic, and no crazy Madrid, Athens, perhaps the only mystery people, beyond time, space, and anything that can touch things, so they unwittingly walked into Athens, the memory of the people expectations in. Walking in the streets and alleys full of soulful singing can be heard, the sound high and sometimes low. The Socrates, Plato's descendants, as if the remains of several centuries ago in Athens, and they will never tolerate the process of modernization of the glory of ancient civilization buried in Athens. This is paradise, the focus of the world famous Olympia where the fire burned and delivered to the world everywhere, not just fire that passed, it is the Athenians hope of peace, harmony, harmony of spirit, that is each individual in the fluctuation of blood vessels. Athens main attractions are: graceful in the Aegean Sea, the ancient Acropolis, the Parthenon, the grave Avenue, Temple of Olympian Zeus, etc., a brick and gravel are shining glory of human civilization. They are the spiritual comfort of each visitor, to the entire city, to any corner of the ruins are small Jiaoren imagination. Warm Tip: Best Travel Time: every year four, five, six and nine, ten, eleven months, August is when most tourists. Transportation: Athens has a local bus, tram and other public transport services, visitors to the car rental companies can lease their own motorcycles, cars and other tools. Time difference: seven hours later with Beijing, but in daylight saving time from March to September each year, during the Greek time 6 hours later than Beijing. Accommodation: Hotel in Athens is divided into A, B, C, D, E a few grades, prices vary widely. All hotel rooms are hung behind the Greek national tourism authorities have approved the charges. High season is about 1.5 times the off-season. Most of the room rate includes breakfast. Passports must be secured overnight, when the payment check back passport. Beautiful garden city, the beautiful shining like a pearl, will be randomly scattered in the romantic world, let your thoughts fluttering in the breeze. There is always a sadness filled the air in a foreign country, there is always a touch of poetry in one after another fine city like angelic brewing ... ... Today, Xiao Bian will take you to wipe that makeup the total concentration of romantic affordable City find a sweet memory. Amsterdam: in the middle picture Front is a beautiful painting, leisurely cows, tulips blooming everywhere, and sent the old sound of the windmill, bright colors are described by Van Gogh. I watched, through the painting seems to have come to the beautiful Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a romantic all the water, the city was crowded Roadway separated, flocks of sea birds gliding in the water and between houses, as if in Wonderland general. Come more often people know, the Amsterdam city is not large, so the shuttle can ride a bike lingering charm of the city are thousands of bridges. Also can take a boat in the sparkling water floating leisurely enjoy the enchanting scenery of Amsterdam. Van Gogh Museum Here remains the 17,18 century architectural style, such as the Van Gogh Museum, Royal Palace, the Anne Frank House, etc., is the most distinctive gabled building, the roof such as the Gothic spire, take you into Andersen pocket dream castle. Of course, very strong artistic Amsterdam to visit the scenic spots here, most people come for the Van Gogh, as "Sunflower" from. Stop and stay, you will see the simple life, very gorgeous bloom. Warm Tips: Transport: railway station in Amsterdam can take the square in front of tram, bus and taxi arrived in the city any one area. Train from the airport into the city is also very convenient, every 15 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes. Accommodation: Hotel accommodation in Amsterdam are a lot of various, varied, various grades of both, but every accommodation are small, beds are not many rooms in Amsterdam has more than 20 points to stay, even if the big hotels it! So to find suitable accommodation becomes more difficult. Entertainment: Most cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and discos are located in the Square and Rembrandt Square, near Laide Ze. Here is the center of nightlife, even the early morning, still voices. Shopping: Shops are open generally between 9 am to 18 points. Many stores will not open on Monday morning, but Thursday will be open until 21:00. Saturdays to 17 points; downtown mall and some shops also open on Sundays, generally from 12 to 17 points; the supermarket is open Monday to Saturday 8 am to 20 points. Tipping: All services will be charged 10% tip, including the taxi driver. Luang Prabang: Buddha are pure Luang Prabang is a natural and beautiful city yard, a fast-flowing Mekong River and the gently flowing river through Kanmu. Luang Prabang night in the streets, flashing neon lights and a soft shop signs, to Luang Prabang dress up as a medieval European town. Luang Prabang, Laos Buddhist centers, temples, Fota Lin Li, only in the urban areas there are more than 30 temples, people believe in Buddhism, is the real Buddha Park. Luang Prabang has become more pure and therefore, not only because of its shy and Eastern European-style romance, but also because people's tolerance given to Theravada Buddhism. Peaceful charming Fodu Get up early in the morning when the team will be able to see a neat row along the street begging scene followers. Yellow robes, under the warm sun in the morning, looked bright and beautiful, all so that the air is full of Luang Prabang peaceful and charming atmosphere. Warm Tips: Recommended hotels: Chanthy GH in JOMA CAF? Edge of a small road, the hotel is in a quiet area at the entrance to a small courtyard in full bloom with flowers. Rooms with wooden walls within the main building separated, with a public toilet. The hotel were very enthusiastic. Double room 6-10 U.S. dollars, the river area in Luang Prabang is a relatively cheap accommodation out. Recommended restaurants: Tum Tum Cheung Restaurant & Cooking School a short walk north from the city center, next to a temple in Wat Khilli village Th Sakkarin quiet road, this is also a cooking school, has a first-class cuisine of Laos. This building wooden building facing the street open, so it is suitable for lunch and dinner. About 10000-30000kip / person. Transport: Luang Prabang Airport is located 4 km east of downtown from the airport to the city center costs about package TuTu 50000kip so. Kunming's international long-distance bus to reach Luang Prabang, 5-6 points every evening in the South side of the kiln bus and train station the international bus station in Kunming have the grid, passes through China's Mengla and Mohan (Border), the entire process take 24 hours, the fare of about 300 yuan. Shopping: Luang Prabang's main market is the new Phousy Market Market, located a few kilometers south of downtown Th Phothisarat road. There are vendors everywhere, selling a dazzling array of hardware, kitchen utensils, and piles of fresh local products. Business hours 6:00-17:00.
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