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Marital disputes help to promote feelings of the couple
In many people's eyes, never a model husband and wife is the husband and wife arguing. But from a psychological point of view, between husband and wife marital relations is conducive to proper debate. Argument because the appropriate form of communication at least, that between husband and wife also "a relationship", "You Guage", "care about each other", not "strangers." And couples will not win it unconsciously alienate each other, or deliberately kept a distance from each other in order to avoid injury, and will then say, can always deal with emotional, not to accumulate and intensify conflict. In fact, the greatest feelings between husband and wife have a conflict after the crisis is to remain silent, to suppress their feelings, in contradiction to the more and more, feeling more sparse farther, to the last development to out of hand. In addition, a person's understanding of things with a lot of limitations may be put forward opinions are bound with a one-sided, only proper debate between husband and wife in order to clear things become clearer, the rationale for more debates, not only conducive to resolve conflicts, but also to deepen the feelings between husband and wife. Of course, the argument must also have certain principles, such as to grasp the sense of propriety and scope of the debate, do not hurt each other's personality and self-esteem, to avoid the escalation of conflict; each argument, husband and wife to exchange, but also said there is love; not reprimanded as adults children as arguments, but to adults as equals, the other reason; the results have to listen to rational argument the party, not a glib tongue.
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